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Well they made some extra money, makes sense thousands of people now need to live in inhumane conditions

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What do you suggest for increasing it? I normally do dead hangs and wrist curls

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It’s a journey, we all start somewhere, the best are the ones who keep moving forward

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Damn that’s smart, I really ought to get an android next time, iPhones are really starting to get on my nerves

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I actually only do RDL’s because regular deadlifts kinda messes the rest of my lift, especially since its works all of the posterior chain and quads, so I kinda have trouble trying to fit them in my PPL split

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It depends tbh, I am a (late?) teen, and when I started, I couldn’t even bench a bar without hurting myself, I can now bench 140, I am proud of it but it will probably be very unimpressive for someone who started at 90

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Posted this on shower thoughts but Ig here is more appropriate, I feel like lemmy is not the place I remember it being last year.

I really liked the atmosphere of civil arguments and understanding here, which is the reason I started posting actively as well, even though I have always been a lurker, but I feel like I have stopped feeling happy but instead more and more agitated when browsing, I remember people having civil discussions and willing to listen to others, content was low, but what each post produced was really high quality, nowadays though I rarely feel like it

People here have now started acting like as if they are some sort of god gifted individuals who are right in every regard, they love to throw the word ‘propaganda’ around but fail to acknowledge they could be a victim of it as well, I remember we could still have discussions about controversial topics without things getting ugly, nowadays it is not like that, comments get weirdly personal and sometimes even turn into insults and even phobic, people are hell-bent that they are right on certain issues, and never consider any other opinion or that something might be more nuanced than they think

I can be a victim of propaganda too, but what I really loved is that you were able to have healthy discussions and put forward your opinions, which meant you were much more aware of everybody elses opinion and their reasoning, which meant you could see things with different perspectives, nowadays though it is very different, you say something slightly controversial and be prepared for the hate comments (remember the mildy infuriating post? The guy ended up deleting it)

I have learned a lot from lemmy, and I have had wonderful conversations with some of you but I feel like the days where we all were collectively trying to build a good, happy and accepting community are gone, I won’t be surprised if any redditor looked us and thought we are a group of really closed minded people who wont accept anything that is not the common sentiment here

I was a little kid when reddit was gaining traction, so I have no Idea what sort of thing happened, maybe it was similar to this? I would really like if some early reddit adopters who also came here add their comments

One of my favorite moments I remember here is when there was some sort of meme about Ramadan, I clicked hesitantly thinking it’s gonna be a war zone, but I was surprised to see people having fun discussing how people deal with fasting where the sun never sets for months, that feeling was beautiful, I guarantee it will be a different situation now

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I wonder if they actually use the same trick to actually put the lid on as-well to create as-tight of a seal as possible

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After that, set the thing on fire and throw it in the manufacturers office

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People don’t understand that people who have ideologies like nazi and zionazi will never stop after genociding one ethnic/religious group, after they are done with palestinians/muslims, you can be sure someone else will be next, we can already see this with them bombing churches

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Imagine calling the suicide hotline, and telling them you wanted to tie a noose to catch a wild goat

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  1. Make people homeless
  2. Criminalize homelessness
  3. Profit
Lonely walk (lemmy.world)
I have been lied to (lemmy.world)

Tons of protests going on everywhere against Israel, but not a single government has changed their stance


So normally people like me get extremely happy if you say something like ‘nice shirt’, however it got me wondering about people who receive compliments and gifts all the time, what makes y’all happy? I presume it gets kinda annoying after some time?

Dis-Nap (media.kbin.run)

A follow up from my older asklemmy post, saying goodbye to a teacher who helped me a lot through my stuff, was thinking maybe chocolate, but one of the dudes said that it’s not a very good idea, I was thinking maybe a perfume/cologne? What do you guys suggest? She is in probably in her early 20s if it helps, and I am in senior high, damn this is getting weirder and weirder, I just want to run away lol


All my practical exams are over and only theory is left, that means this year of my senior high is over and I have been feeling a bit down lately which I have discussed elsewhere, but how was your week?

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