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I was looking at an old thread about "patsocs" and I saw the following comment, which I believe to be true - I have written this in a rush so sorry for any mistakes. EDIT: I was asked what the question was, so tl;dr it would be: is the threat of patsoc, particularly the "MAGA communism" development a significant threat beyond the terminally online proponents. I'll add that to the beginning of the post.

The comment: 'The CIA is probably going to use patsocs to infiltrate marxist groups and distract the public.

Marxist parties in the U.S should hopefully start banning them soon.'

The problem is that I have seen self-proclaimed "Marxist-Leninist" parties and groups which they (the intelligence apparatus, allegedly) control from the country I live in (one of the nations of the "UK" but we'll say "Britain" for the sake of argument) actually start to embrace and promote the ridiculous "MAGA communist" movement (if it can truly be called such at this point) which I have only discovered in recent months, and I couldn't wrap my head around it nor see it as being anything more niche than I was led to believe when I made enquiries with comrades in the USA about it on Twitter before I left the platform. After observing groups in recent days - mainly on Telegram which I use mainly for news on Palestine and other resistance movements but also speak to a small number of comrades, plus friends in countries where they cannot communicate on social media platforms in the west. I replied to a comment on the thread I mentioned and feel that it may be worth discussing the phenomenon of "MAGA communism". Perhaps comrades here will disagree and see it still as the terminally online "movement" it has been but the comment I quoted at the start of this thread made me feel that it is more serious than previously thought - this came to me especially when I saw the "Marxist Leninist" party in Britain I mentioned jump on the bandwagon of "MAGA communism" in a truly grotesque, opportunist fashion which seems to give credence to the notion that various intelligence agencies will utilise patsoc movements in order to infiltrate Marxist groups and distract the public as mentioned in the aforementioned quote but I also believe that intelligence agencies may promote these dangerous, poisonous ideas to not only distort and discredit Marxists and communists generally but also to manufacture a movement which goes offline and could present actual, tangible and material danger to the masses by ultimately serving the ruling class and doing so in a violent manner informed by their reactionary, crypto-fascist beliefs, creating an issue which must be condemned by communists as it seems to have been ignored. Below is a reply I left in that thread and so sorry for any repetitions of this preface but I feel that a serious discussion is warranted on what could potentially develop into a dangerous, full on fascist movement and should be taken seriously.

I believe that we are witnessing the development of a movement: "MAGA communism" which could not only aid in discrediting communist theory but also the development of class consciousness in the USA in particular*, given the significant emergence of proletarians in the USA discovering Marxist/Marxist-Leninist theory over the last ten years or so in a country where anti-communism has been so prevalent at every level of the ideological state apparatus that Marxist theory and practice has essentially been denied to the proletariat. Of course this is true in all bourgeois states but the USA as the reigning imperialist bloc has perhaps been the most rabid in its anti-communism, with the Red Scare, the blacklisting, COINTELPRO and other operations, to the point at which "socialism" and "communism" became the dirtiest of words to the masses of the oppressed class to which the revolutionary, scientific theory and practice of Marxism-Leninism was developed for in terms of liberating the masses from the very mode of production which oppresses them. The economic devastation left by neoliberal reforms as well as evolution in modes of communication (i.e. the internet) have led people to seek theories which address the material conditions in which entire generations have seen the promised ideals of "prosperity for all" for what they are and class consciousness has developed significantly as a result of these factors.

*In Britain for example, there was a socialist current throughout the 20th century - a labour movement, largely dominated by the labour aristocracy who are descendants of the betrayers of revolutionary struggle by the Second International, although Marxist-Leninists occupied significant spaces within the unions and many Trotskyists, via their tactic of entryism, existed within the Labour Party, right up until the Labour Party essentially purged the left from the party leading up to election of Labour under Tony Blair (who ultimately adopted a continuity of the neoliberal reforms put into place under Thatcher's regime - our Reagan - destroying any pretence of "socialism" within the "Labour" Party). The point really is that "socialism" was not a dirty word in Britain in the same way as in the USA and I believe that this is due to how the labour movement within the USA evolved largely outside of the European movement, ultimately betrayed by the Second International of course, but this is in no way being said to discredit the achievements and tireless struggle of comrades in the USA who have internally struggled against the bourgeoisie and its domestic oppression as well as its emergence as the most powerful imperialist bloc in the age of imperialism.

These patsoc types seem to have made more significant moves into spaces outside of their cultish beginnings. For example, not being from the USA, “MAGA communism” only became apparent to me recently, which was truly baffling before I looked into information on patsoc on Prolewiki, and I joined Lemmygrad because I was so frustrated with seeing “communist” channels on Telegram, for example, allowing this kind of shit and seeing one supposedly “ML” party from the UK (which as an aside I believe to be run by spooks) embrace the “ideology” and to essentially jump on the bandwagon in a truly grotesque, opportunistic move in a desire to be relevant and perhaps gain some new members. I can’t see any other justification for their actions. They make the excuse that the “MAGA” movement contains proletarian elements, which is true, but this is territory similar to suggesting that the “national socialists” contained proletarian elements, or the Union of Fascists of Britain and we saw how that played out. I reminded them that Stalin saw the “national socialists” for what they were before WW2 started, as did most communists I am sure, and also that one of the most significant moments in the history of the proletariat/labour movement in 20th century England was the Battle of Cable Street, in which antifascists and ordinary members of the public came together to beat the shit out of Oswald Mosley’s brownshirt thugs. Antifascism has been a longstanding current in Britain generally, and to see what is essentially a fascist movement being supported by “Marxist-Leninists” in this country is a disgrace and should be violently opposed as all fascist movements should be.

But my main point is that they seemed to have spread. I was fooled into entering spaces before I realised that these movements were so significant. I have seen people discuss them as terminally online but the attempted “synthesis” (again, truly grotesque: apologies to Marx, Lenin and of course Hegel) of the Cult of Maga with “communism” is a potential danger which cannot be slept on. MAGA fascists were highly visible during the Trump era and beyond and helped to bring fascists out of the woodworks. It could well be that the “MAGA communists” do the same.

It seems to me that the whole thing is a psyop designed to discredit communist theory and “communists”, given the significant emergence of proletarians in the USA discovering Marxist/Marxist-Leninist theory over the last ten to fifteen years or so. But I do believe that it has the potential to become a more significant threat to being a mere online cult of wackos that are likely being manipulated by some kind of COINTELPRO style psyop into accepting distorted ideas about communism in order to discredit them and to turn "communism" into a dirty word again.

It should be noted that I haven’t seen these people defend Israel but they do focus much energy on the proxy war in Ukraine and this was in part why I started to pay attention to some of the articles they put out, coming from places like The Grayzone initially, but they hardly seem to talk about Palestine at all, which is of course an international emergency requiring the attention of communists around the world as I write this. Also, my only exposure to this is via channels which proclaim to be “communist” but are indeed “patsocs” and who, in these channels, “defend” and promote “MAGA communism”, as I said, to the point that a self-proclaimed “Marxist-Leninist” party in my country jumping on this bandwagon (they are a very small party and are highly reactionary, especially on issues such as trans issues, but they claim to uphold an anti-revisionist line, yet are apparently funded by the state apparatus and I hear this from an old comrade who is approaching 90 and has heard and seen it all before. This party split from the original ML party of the Comintern due to revisionism in the main body of the party, which does have serious problems in itself. Anyway I am rambling).

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Or in other words is my new #showerthought suspicion that some computers in business or organisation offices are unintentionally part of spam botnets valid or not ?

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I've the opportunity to watch it and i want to know if it's worth it or not, because game-based shows are known to be not that great.

Edit : at the moment i write this, im at episode 3, they seems to have respected the game's lore even if i disagree with the cause they choose in the scenario to force the hero to left the vault.

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For example, I personally can't listen to Guns and Roses without immediately thinking "that Axl sure is an asshole", and that sours the entire experience.


My early teen cousin is learning to play keyboard/piano. She likes to compose her own songs, and she's good at that, but perhaps could use some help with the basis rhythm.

I thought that a book of rhythms might help. Something like this, but it's going to be the wrong era for her on the surface, although the rhythms repeat through the ages. Encyclopedia of Piano Rhythm Patterns: Popular Piano Rhythms and How to Play Them https://amzn.eu/d/2JdTsST

Please point me in the right direction. Thank-you in advance

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I understand that alcoholic beverages are regulated by the ATF and not the FDA, which is why nutrition fact labels aren't legally required on alcoholic beverages, but why does this carry over to NA beer?

It's basically just beer-flavored soda. It has less than the required alcohol content (<0.5%) to be legally classified as an alcoholic beverage. Is it not regulated by the FDA?

The only clue I have is that Nutrition Fact labels appear on cans of NA beer made by companies that only produce NA beer (e.g. Athletic / Partake), but not NA beers produced by existing full-alcohol breweries (e.g. Heineken / Guinness). Is there some sort of "we also produce alcoholic beverages" loophole to avoid FDA regulation?

If so, would it be possible for Coca-Cola, who distributes alcoholic beverages (e.g. Topo Chico hard seltzer / Jack & Coke premixed cocktails), to get around the requirement for their regular sodas?


What are your unconventional kitchen tools/utensils you were skeptical of at first but feel you can’t live without?

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I feel perpetually sleepy.

I have a hard time napping during the day- scratch that I can't nap during the day. My anxiety makes it impossible. However the second I crack open a book I feel like I'm going to pass out. It's very strange.

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I've started reading Jumper by NameDoesNotMatter. I would like to formally apologise about all the harsh things I've ever spoken about that film.

Fine, the cast is unlikeable and the action scenes are just fisticuffs in the air, but my god, in comparison to the teenage dreck that is the book, it's a masterpiece. At least they tried to build a credible back story for the main character.

In the book, he literally thinks everyone is out to sexually assault him (and somehow they seem to), he solves his problems by throwing money at it, instead of any actual creativity, and the author desperately tries to portray him as a mature-for-his-age adult, despite the fact that his first reaction to anything is crying followed by petty revenge.

I'm just flicking through the pages, pausing at any plot bits, and then flicking on.

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So I found a griddle that was in pretty bad shape seasoning wise so I stripped it and noticed a small shiny area which worried me about lead. I ordered some lead tests that stated they were for metal (no specifics) and after doing the tests it came back positive. But this got me wondering if iron reacts with sodium rhodizonate, the main ingredient in these lead tests, to give false positives and load and behold it does. I confirmed this with another cast iron cookware that I know 100% never touched lead. So my question is how the hell do I test this? Everyone keeps recommending the same sodium rhodizonate lead test swabs just with different brand names.

Tldr: After stripping a griddle and finding a shiny spot, I tested it for lead and it came back positive, leading to concerns about the reaction between iron and sodium rhodizonate. The question is how to accurately test for lead contamination in the griddle without potential false positives from the test method recommended by others?

Edit: wanted to add some more info. I did experiment with the test themselves to see how reliable they were and they passed it so I don't suspect its the test themselves but the chemical reaction between iron and the sodium rhodizonate

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Next to the house where I live there was an empty lot, where now they're building a house or something, they've been working since last year. At first, I didn't payed too much attention, but then they started hammering the walls. For what I understand, when building a house you need to make your own walls and don't use your neighbors. I told their boss about it and he told me:

"We aren't nailing the wall, we are nailing the bricks."

And they continued, I told them again, and they continued. I then decided that it was useless and decided to call the house owners, they told me to let it be. So I ignored them, maybe I was wrong, maybe is okay to use the next house walls to support yours. That was more or so a year ago, since then until now they continued hammering over and over again.

Anyway, during Holly days (last year Christmas) that group stopped working, and during new year some new people started working there and continued the hammering. It was (is) a torture specially since I work from home and I'm sick so I have to spend many time at home, but I decided I'll deal with it, after all the house owners told me it was ok, and eventually they finally built a wall and I thought whenever they are hammering, is their wall, so I was OK with that.

As I said, I spend a lot of time home, a couple weeks ago I listen the door opening, when I went to check there was no one. I thought it was just the wind or something and continued my day as usual. That night when getting ready to go out, I couldn't find my shoes. Since covid, I always leave my shoes near the door, so it makes no sense to be anywhere else, I looked everywhere, but I never found them.

The neighborhood have a private security (which honestly I don't pay since is expensive), I asked the guard if he knows who own the place, maybe talking to the boss/owner will have some results. The guard asked me what happened and I told him, he then said he would talk to the owner and tell he's boss (the guard boss) about it since it was dangerous for the whole neighborhood.

Next day the boss (of the construction workers) rang my bell, he had an angry looking and asked me if I have a problem with them using the house entry to park their bikes. I told him no, my problem was that they were throwing all the debris and trash on the entrance (they even put some giant rock they dug out on my walkway. He told me not to worry, that they'll take them. That was before Easter.

The next day there was some beer cans and empty soda bottles all around the entrance. Last week they finally moves away some of the rocks.

Some days ago, I heard noise on the ceiling. I hit the ceiling with the stick of a mop and ask if someone was there, one of them answer me not to worry, that a tool fall on the ceiling , I then told him to not get on the ceiling.

Today, I heard some noise near the windows, I went to see and they were throwing wet concrete or cement all around the yard and to the windows.

Honestly I don't know what to do. I can't go anywhere else and the owners of the house just tell me to be careful since the country is dangerous (I'm not in the US) the guard also told me something similar.

Edit: The country where I live is Nicaragua.

I want to thanks everyone for your advice, it really helped me having different points of view. During all this time I've tried to be patient, but since they get in the house I lose it, but I guess been patient is all I can do, hopefully they'll finish soon and I can go on with my life leaving this behind.

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Wondering if anyone has experimented with using controllers (PS/xbox/other) to do anything other than gaming ?

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Loblaws recently installed 7 foot high Plexiglass barriers that funnel people out of the stores. They claim it will stop theft and make people safer.

Many people have voiced concerns about these barriers possibly being a fire hazard, in the sense that they might create a bad bottle neck in the event of an evacuation. Many people panic during an emergency. However, I have also seen many people stating that it's not technically against the fire code.

In your opinion, is this a hazard? Do you think it's fine, or do you think that this could be one of those situations that ends up causing new regulations to be added after casualties happen? Do you think that people are too worried, or do you think that these concerns are valid?



I swear, ~~every time~~ most of the time I see someone being particularly rude, ignorant, and inappropriate on a post (usually political in origin, or they swing it to being political) I click on their profile and see it has been created that same day.

They are only there to sow discord. Only to piss people off. Idk if we can just report them (for what?) but I'd like to try exposing them before responding and interacting..

I am guilty of gobbling up the bait. I've started looking at profiles of people that piss me off exceptionally and noticed they're burner bot loser accounts.

I guess i just want to say I've noticed it!

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Hey guys, what are your thoughts on the existence of extraterrestrial life and the potential involvement of governments in concealing or studying such entities.


Is there a userscript or something? The view image Firefox extension doesn't seem to do shit.

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Not to brag but I'm a pretty confident person in my social circle. I'm funny, make people laugh etc. etc.

Basically, I am adored by everybody.

But there is something that I noticed about myself lately. Regularly people come up to me to chat and sometimes they compliment me. Now, complimenting isn't a bad thing, obviously. But I just don't feel anything when I receive them.

However I enjoy it when people talk good things about me when I'm not present. I, again, don't feel anything when people talk shit about me when I'm not present. BUT I really enjoy it when people straight up come at me and say something bad at me. My mood increases and I spend the rest of my day happier.

Is this some kind of a defense/coping mechanism that I have unintentionally developed? I don't see anything bad about this.

It's also worthy to say that I spent the majority of my life isolated up until a few years ago. No compliments at all but nobody to say bad things either. Is this why I fail to appreciate compliments?


I was not a podcast guy at all, but I stumbled upon Andrew Huberman a few months ago and wow, what an amazing source of information and it has helped me a lot while making conmutes and training sessions a lot less wasteful.

The thing is that, now that I basically have consumed all their catalogue, I feel the need for more.

I am very interested in science, backed-up self-improvement, open source stuff, and... Maybe, if it's really well done I could enjoy some politics.

I mostly like to get informed and to grow. I have other sources for entertainment.

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The seats are assigned. People have been standing in line for 15 minutes now. Why on earth would anyone want to stand there, when they could just sit and wait until the line clears?

I understand wanting to get off a plane ASAP, but boarding? You just end up sitting on the plane, waiting for everyone else to get on.

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