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founded 1 year ago

Have you been spending hours trying to pass a level? Or maybe you are completely addicted to a newly bought game. Do you have a question about a game or would like to share something else? In the Weekly Discussion Thread, you can do it all!

Please don’t forget to use the spoiler tag as soon as you start talking about a storyline.


Space trains yesss


Today’s Game is Red Dead Online


For the 2024 junethack postmortem see:

For the curious, this is the junethack site:


Pretty neat project.


Today’s Game is Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order


The Tournaments

These are going to be skewed through the lens of what I was personally interested in watching, but there was a lot worth watching.

Mortal Kombat 1

SonicFox took their 7th Evo championship this past weekend using at least three different characters, by my count. Strangely, they took the title in a mirror match against Nicolas.

Nicolas and his twin brother ScorpionProcs have been on a tear through the Mortal Kombat scene since the world emerged from the pandemic, and they're both so young that they still need a parental escort to these events. The two of them have both been taking wins at different majors, typically only challenged by the likes of SonicFox and Rewind. ScorpionProcs didn't make it into top 6 this time around, but Nicolas got very close this time.

Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike

3rd Strike is a game I tend to like more in theory than in practice. The parry system is awesome, but it's also so pervasive that it basically invalidates zoning, a major component of most fighting games that introduces some variety to play styles. Being 25 years old with no patches, in an era where characters like Sean were designed to be bad on purpose, it also settled into a rigid meta. That meta is Yun and, if you're lucky, Chun-Li, which is what the top 6 looked like in Evo Japan this year. The top 6 this weekend somehow had 6 different characters, if I'm not mistaken, including when players picked a pocket character, like Elena as a counter pick.

Ordinarily, the most exciting match will be grand finals, not just because the most is at stake but also because it tends to be where you'll find the two best players in the closest competition. 3rd Strike this year is the exception. The star of the show is a player I'd heard about months ago from Justin Wong videos, Hayao. I had been following this person in particular through the entire bracket, hoping for him to bring a Hugo to top 6, and he delivered. He unfortunately was masterfully counter picked by his opponent in winners with a knowledge check that he just didn't have the answer to, but Hayao's match in losers quarterfinals was one of the all time greatest fighting game matches I've ever seen, on the 20th anniversary of Evo Moment 37.

Skullgirls (community tournament)

Personally, this is my main game, so it means more to me than any of the 8 games that Evo ran in an official capacity this year. It may have only been a 47 person bracket (it's harder to convince great players to sign up for a community tournament when there's no promise that Evo will avoid scheduling conflicts with other games), but the developer threw up a pretty substantial prize pool--from what I can tell, it was over $16k--and there were at least three great players who had a shot at winning the whole thing, Dekillsage, Reis, and SonicFox. Dekillsage finally took a bracket over SonicFox, winning decisively from the winners side of the bracket after sending SonicFox to losers. Unfortunately, there will be a bit of lag on the VOD, so I don't have it ready this morning to link to.

Guilty Gear Strive

One by one, my friends and I watched all sorts of top players get eliminated as they narrowed it down to top 6. The Strive scene is packed full of people who could have taken it all, and neither of the previous two Evo Vegas champions, Umisho and Leffen, made it into top 6. I like watching him play, but I never would have predicted Nitro would take it all, playing Jack-O', no less; the previous two years were both won by Happy Chaos players. Congrats to Nitro!

EDIT: Oh, I almost forgot! I love the things that the crowd gets into at big majors. There will be "See ya later!"s during Marvel 3 and "TO MEMPHIS!" in Street Fighter 6, but I heard a new one when Zando came on stage and played his Asuka. Asuka is a zoner who's playing Magic: The Gathering in the middle of a fighting game match, and he can cast a bunch of spells that send out cubes, giving the opponent no choice except to block for 10, 15, or 20 seconds in some cases. It's strong, but it sucks for the viewing experience and for the defender. So, facetiously, the crowd will yell "CUUUUUUUUUUUUUUBES!"

Street Fighter 6

I didn't follow the Street Fighter V scene very closely, largely because I didn't really like Street Fighter V, but Punk got his win that sounds like it was a long time coming. There was some phenomenal adaptation from both players. Punk with his masterful shimmies, that his opponents would catch on to a bit too late, and then Punk getting stingy with his meter on three different rounds that cost him three different games as his opponent Big Bird capitalized.

The Reveals

SVC Chaos shadow dropped after the KOF XV finals, which caught everyone off guard. I would have thought that this would be part of a Capcom Vs. SNK collection, but the fact that this game is re-released at all bodes well for a CVS collection later. The reputation this game has is that it's the worst of those three games that SNK and Capcom collaborated on, but it's good to have it re-released with rollback anyway.

Somehow, Heihachi returned. Death is already meaningless in fighting game stories, but Bandai Namco has been beating the "Heihachi is dead" drum for a while now and even leaned into it in the reveal. It seems the only thing they're capable of killing is Soul Calibur. RIP.

Guilty Gear Strive showed off the next four characters coming to the game. Dizzy is a fan favorite, and I'm excited for her XX era song, "Awe of She", to be added to the Strive soundtrack. Venom is another fan favorite, but I wasn't sure if he'd be added due to his similarities to the current version of Jack-O' in the game. I never would have predicted Lucy from Cyberpunk Edgerunners.

Street Fighter 6 showed off Terry Bogard, and his face looks weird.


Hello fellow bucket lovers! I've posted here before about my game called Do Not Press The Button (To Delete The Multiverse): STEAM LINK

And I've gotten very positive feedback and even a few of you did play-tested my game. From what screenshots I've posted here, people seem to like it a lot and today I wake up and find out that I've gotten over 5000 wishlists! This something I never imagined when I was starting this goofy ass project! So thank you to everyone!


Today’s game is No Man’s Sky


First hour of the game I googled "Aloy Talks too much"

I just finished the Elden Ring DLC and the Tomb Raider remastered trilogy. These games are 30 years apart but share the same mostly quiet protagonists.

Lara is alone, doesn't try to solve the puzzle for the player in the first 5 seconds, let's the player explore and figure things out and soak in the atmosphere. Aloy is as chatty as Nathan Drake but she's just muttering to herself in the wild, she even narrates her actions like an audiobook

The constant hud and text over every in world item also ruins the immersion. Yes I get that you don't see items in Fromsoft games, you get that streak of light. But Horizon firstly hides the item in their busy environment design then forces you to press a button to prompt that streak of light, for immersion!


The game in this screenshot is Alan Wake


This game is Sea Of Thieves

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