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Have you been spending hours trying to pass a level? Or maybe you are completely addicted to a newly bought game. Do you have a question about a game or would like to share something else? In the Weekly Discussion Thread, you can do it all!

Please don’t forget to use the spoiler tag as soon as you start talking about a storyline.

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Have you been spending hours trying to pass a level? Or maybe you are completely addicted to a newly bought game. Do you have a question about a game or would like to share something else? In the Weekly Discussion Thread, you can do it all!

Please don’t forget to use the spoiler tag as soon as you start talking about a storyline.

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Game launches onto Steam early access on April 18.

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Reverse Collapse: Code Name Bakery is a TRPG set in Girls’ Frontline universe. Game will release on March 22nd.

Steam page


  • revamped version of Codename: Bakery Girl (2013)
  • turned based combat
  • 60+ stages
  • 10 branching storylines
Microtransactions (lemmy.world)
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I don't know about you chaps but I absolutely detest the modern approach companies have with their franchises and games.

I remember you'd get the game on disc and that was it. Or maybe a expansion to go with it which improved it 100%

An example would be say the mortal kombat games, you used to be able to have all the characters or Unlock them. But now you gotta pay up to 100% the game if you want everything.

What rustles your jimmies lads?

Thank you!

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Releases 1st of March, at 10:00 UTC.

That being said, from the patch notes they have not fixed the critical flaw of some rather common things being hardcoded keybinds, making playing with M+KB but a non-WASD layout just about impossible. Thanks Ubisoft, nobody would be a lefty after all, amirite?!

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This is GREAT news. This means they can focus on making great original games and not be dragged into working on call of duty. Please just give me a new Spyro.


The report comes from Cyber Daily, who also broke the news of last year's confirmed hack attack on Insomniac Games. The site claims that new ransomware group Mogilevich are the culprits, as per the screencap of a darkweb posting above, and that the hackers are now trying to get Epic or another party to pay up for the return of the data, with a deadline of 4th March.

Epic, however, say that they've yet to see any proof that a ransomware attack has taken place. "We are investigating but there is currently zero evidence that these claims are legitimate," a spokesperson told Eurogamer this morning.


Ubisoft has said the recently released Skull and Bones has achieved “record player engagement” since launch, although it has yet to announce how many copies it’s sold or how many players it has.

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The game apparently stopped working today due to the leap year. This is why you use popular date/time libraries instead of making your own lol.

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"Dominion of Darkness” is a strategy text-based game in which the player takes on the role of a Sauron-style Lord of Darkness with the goal of conquering the world. He will carry out his plans by making various decisions. He will build his army and send it into battles, weave intrigues and deceptions, create secret spy networks and sectarian cults, recruit agents and commanders, corrupt representatives of Free Peoples and sow discord among them, collect magical artifacts and perform sinister plots. Note – one game takes about 1 hour, but the premise is that the game can be approached several times, each time making different decisions, getting different results and discovering something new. Stable version of the game is avalaible for free here: https://adeptus7.itch.io/dominion

And here are some reviews:

As I mentioned, I'm still developing the game and adding new elements... And this means the risk of new bugs. The game contains so many options that I am not able to test everything on an ongoing basis (and errors often appear in very specific situations, such as "the game crashes if at this exact moment the Influence among the orcs is exactly 3 and the Armaments is exactly 4 "), hence I am looking for help. Participating in the tests is not difficult or demanding - all the tester needs to do is play at least once and then send me his/her opinion and information about any errors by e-mail. If you are interested (I know there probably won't be anyone, but I am trying), please send me a private message or mail me on marekzegarek77777@gmail.com .



I heard that itch version sometimes doesn't work on the phones with Android. If it is the case, You can play downloadable version: https://www.mediafire.com/file/4zds96slas3uw31/Dominion_of_Darkness_2.55.html/file . It works fine even when online version don't.

EA shuts down Ridgeline Games (www.gamesindustry.biz)
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Today, on February 28, nearly five years after Control’s initial launch, Remedy Entertainment, the team behind the Alan Wake, Quantum Break, and Control series, released an announcement regarding a deal between them and 505 Games, detailing a full transition to Remedy acquiring full rights to the franchise. While Remedy Entertainment previously developed the game with 505 Games having publishing, distribution, and marketing rights over Control, this latest transaction converts this authority to Remedy, giving them full rights over Control, Control 2, and their upcoming multiplayer game currently under the code Condor.

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Videogame maker Electronic Arts (EA.O) , opens new tab said on Wednesday it would reduce 5% of its workforce, as the industry struggles to grow amid high interest rates.

The company expects to incur about $125 million to $165 million in charges as part of the restructuring plan that also includes a reduction in real estate.

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Thanks so much to @PirateSoftware@lemmy.world for checking out Amata!

If anyone is interested there is a free (not paid) demo available on steam, check it out and let me know what you think!


I'm also active on Discord: https://discord.gg/famAakEBJX

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I really like this new blog. Reminds me of ukresistance.

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Nintendo's full case filing


"NEW: Nintendo is suing the creators of popular Switch emulator Yuzu, saying their tech illegally circumvents Nintendo's software encryption and facilitates piracy. Seeks damages for alleged violations and a shutdown of the emulator.

Notes 1 million copies of Tears of the Kingdom downloaded prior to game's release; says Yuzu's Patreon support doubled during that time. Basically arguing that that is proof that Yuzu's business model helps piracy flourish."

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