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A "Showerthought" is a simple term used to describe the thoughts that pop into your head while you're doing everyday things like taking a shower, driving, or just daydreaming. The best ones are thoughts that many people can relate to and they find something funny or interesting in regular stuff.


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Thought that if we are so easily bored in our modern society, much more than were our grandparents for example, it's because of technology that simplify all our daily activities. When it was necessary to do the laundry in a basin, it took a lot more time than just pushing on a button to launch the washing machine, then there was no time for boredom. What do you think?


Makes me feel a bit better about my general political anxiousness.


Just have it drill downward, put some more dirt on the coffins, add another layer of coffins, and repeat!


The number of political videos I see on ! is growing. And most of them get downvoted there anyway.


Sure to annoy IT people but those just need a line of text while the rest of the screen is free real estate for Micro$oft! Public BSODs tend to go viral too.


Edit: tell me this doesn't sound stupid

There is only two types of jobs:

Doing something someone else doesn't want to do


Doing something a specific other person can't do

The only thing I can think of that someone other than myself can't do is piss my wife off to no end. Not really a job, tho.


Amazon is running a Prime Day sale on July 16 and 17. Setting aside the fact that this is two separate days, neither 716 nor 717 are prime numbers. They should've done 7/19 instead.


Any tool can be a hammer if you use it wrong enough.

A good hammer is designed to be a hammer and only used like a hammer.

If you have a fancy new hammer, everything looks like a nail.


Looking on a relief map, the Iranian plateau and the Himalayas look oddly similar


Men dream as male character, women dream as female character how do trans persons dream then? Trans men as men?? Trans women as women??


Some ideas that came to mind:

  • What if we made a pizza pocket but with jam and peanut butter?
  • You know how Nutella on toast is one of the easiest things to make? What if we made it even easier?
  • You know how people make a cup of tea and forget about it? What if we made a sandwich that worked like this?

Just a silly thought I had when in the shower I wanted to share.


What they actually mean is rather "these two things are very dissimilar", or "these two things are unequal".

I guess in most situations "cannot be compared" could be replaced by "cannot be equated", with less lingual inaccuracy and still the same message conveyed.

To come to the conclusion that two things are very dissimilar, very unequal, one necessarily has to compare them. So it's rather odd to come up with "cannot be compared" after just literally comparing them.

For example, bikes and cars. We compare them by looking at each's details, and finding any dissimilarities. They have a different amount of wheels. Different propulsion methods. Different price, and so on.

When this list becomes very long, or some details have a major meaning which should not be equated, people say they cannot be compared.

An example with a major meaning difference: Some people say factory farming of animals and the Holocaust are very similar, or something alike. Others disagree, presumably because they feel wether it's humans or animals being treated, the motives or whatnot make a difference big enough that the two should not be ~~compared~~ equated.

Can you follow my thoughts? Are 'dissimilar' or 'unequal' better terms? I'd be especially interested in arguments in favor of 'compared'.

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