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Prosecutors argue his rhetoric inflamed a supporter who attacked an FBI office.


The music industry has officially declared war on Suno and Udio, two of the most prominent AI music generators. A group of music labels including Universal Music Group, Warner Music Group, and Sony Music Group has filed lawsuits in US federal court on Monday morning alleging copyright infringement on a “massive scale.”

The plaintiffs seek damages up to $150,000 per work infringed. The lawsuit against Suno is filed in Massachusetts, while the case against Udio’s parent company Uncharted Inc. was filed in New York. Suno and Udio did not immediately respond to a request to comment.

“Unlicensed services like Suno and Udio that claim it’s ‘fair’ to copy an artist’s life’s work and exploit it for their own profit without consent or pay set back the promise of genuinely innovative AI for us all,” Recording Industry Association of America chair and CEO Mitch Glazier said in a press release.

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ChatGPT is bullshit (link.springer.com)

Here's a good & readable summary paper to pin your critiques on


I stand with Palestine, and the rare spaces our public can spend time and educate themselves. Genocide is depressing. Hurting books makes me sad.

Source: Portland State in midst of expensive, ‘marathon’ race to repair damaged library before fall classes begin

PS: we appreciate the smartass answers as well for much-needed comic relief

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The 64GB and 512GB Steam Deck LCD models are being phased out, and will only be available while supplies last.

64GB LCD is $296.65.

512GB LCD is $381.65.

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The other day I saw this clip on "Last Week Tonight" and just had to throw this together.

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Among the causes of infant deaths, one increased the most: congenital abnormalities, which increased 22.9% in Texas in children between 2021 and 2022, while they decreased 2.9% in the rest of the country. That trend suggests that at least in some cases, parents were forced to carry a pregnancy to term while knowing their children had little to no chance of survival, said Gemmill.

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One such encounter went like this:

Me: “Hi. I’m calling about my daughter’s ambulance and hospital charges. I haven’t been able to reach my grievance coordinator about the appeal.”

Representative: “I can help you.”

**Me: **(Genuinely excited.) “Great!”

Representative: “Oh, I see your daughter turned 18. I can’t discuss her information with you.”

Me: “I sent a release of information form by mail, fax and email. I also faxed our conservatorship papers.”

Representative: “I’m sorry, it’s not on file. What office did you send it to?”

Me: (I give the information.)

Representative: “That’s the wrong fax number. Let me give you the correct one.”

Me: “I’m not inventing numbers out of the ether. This is the third new fax number I’ve been given. Are the address and email inaccurate too?”

Representative: “I’m sorry, but I can’t discuss your daughter’s claims with you without this information. Can you put her on the phone to give verbal consent?”

**Me: **“I can’t put her on the phone. She’s currently in a treatment center and has no access to a phone, which is why I have a conservatorship to help with her medical care.”

Representative: “I’m sorry, ma’am. There’s nothing I can do without the forms or her verbal consent.”

Me: “Who do you think pays the insurance premium and all her providers? I’m just trying to settle her claims, and I don’t know what we owe without access.”

Representative: “I can only answer general questions.”

Me: “OK. From the bills I’ve received, we’re being charged out-of-network fees for the ambulance, ER, ER doctor and hospital.”

Representative: “Was this out of state?”

**Me: **“Yes.”

Representative: “Hang on, I have to transfer you.”

I was on hold for another 15 minutes, and then got cut off. I called back, was transferred twice and then repeated a version of the above conversation before resuming — with a grievance coordinator! 

Grievance coordinator: “The ambulance and ER facility were both out of state and out of network.”

Me: “A treatment center called for an ambulance. I wasn’t given a choice of who responded or where they took her.”

Grievance coordinator: “They used out-of-network providers.”

Me: “They dialed 911. No one stops to ask the closest ambulance what their network status is.”

Grievance coordinator: “They did transfer her to an in-network hospital, but the physicians were not participating providers.”

**Me: **“Under the No Surprises Act, insurance must cover all providers in the case of an emergency, whether they are in network or not — even if out of state.”

(There was a long silence.)

Me: “Are you still there?”

Grievance coordinator: “Yes, ma’am. Once you get the conservatorship papers to us, we can look at those claims. Is there anything else I can help you with?”

Me: “Apparently not.”


alt text:

We're right under the flight path for the scheduled orbital launch, but don't worry--it's too cold out for the rockets to operate safely, so I'm sure they'll postpone.

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As the Gaza war rages, Israeli funds target US college campuses and push to redefine antisemitism in US law

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I have a very slow Internet connection (5 Mbps down, and even less for upload). Given that, I always download movies at 720p, since they have low file size, which means I can download them more quickly. Also, I don't notice much of a difference between 1080p and 720p. As for 4K, because I don't have a screen that can display 4K, I consider it to be one of the biggest disk space wasters.

Am I the only one who has this opinion?

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