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Home to all things "Mildly Infuriating" Not infuriating, not enraging. Mildly Infuriating. All posts should reflect that.

I want my day mildly ruined, not completely ruined. Please remember to refrain from reposting old content. If you post a post from reddit it is good practice to include a link and credit the OP. I'm not about stealing content!

It's just good to get something in this website for casual viewing whilst refreshing original content is added overtime.


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founded 1 year ago

A musical mash up of Johnny Cash and Barbie Girl, created by YouTuber There I Ruined It, was played for Congress in a bad example of AI threats.


ALWAYS GETS ME AAAARRRRRRGHHHHHHH I make sure I disconnect them from all devices; I make sure they are well positioned in their cases; that the charging lights are on etc and yet.... they disappoint me like this...


Amazon Prime Days ran on July 16th and 17th (at least here, in Canada).

This price jump happened a day before and ended two days later, but this item was "on sale" during those two Prime Days.

I've been seeing this scam far too often, especially with food items. Why isn't this illegal yet?


Some time ago, I noticed that youtube comments are copied without emojis, thought nothing of that - bugs happen - but today I finally decided to find out why and what the hell is even this.


Firefox new tab has a box in the middle of the page for you to click in and enter text to search in your default search engine - and it immediately starts typing in the URL bar. IF I WANTED TO USE THE URL BAR I WOULD CLICK THERE.

Throws me off every time.


Title ☝️


Use UBlock, sponsorblock, firefox, etc. Recently it broke again, some stupid permission to connect youtube to other google services pop-up is permablocking it and I can't be bothered investigating.

Go to FreeTube cause why not. Works rather well for how it works. Especially for listening to albums it is fine, for video it's often too slow.

They found a way to inject bullshit in there too, now? And basically everywhere.

Albums are sometimes uploaded as 1 long video. Those are fun. Often they're uploaded as all songs seperately and then there's a playlist which makes it 'the album'. They used to be okay too.

Not anymore. People started injecting bullshit videos within the playlists. No, Andrew fucking Tates bullshit is not part of this album. Fuuuu. ANDREW I CAN'T STAY FUCKING MOTIVATED BECAUSE SOME ARSEHOLE INJECTED YOUR BULLSHIT VIDEO INTO THE MUSIC PLAYLIST I'LD LIKE TO LISTEN TO WITHOUT YOUR BULLSHIT INTERRUPTIONS!

I need to work on permanently replacing youtube. It no longer serves its purpose (for me of listening to albums) reliably.


They used to put the affected versions in the email, but that stopped a few months ago. Now it's just a vague "product is affected, click the link to learn more". Every. Time. the support part of their site gets hugged to death as if the uptick in traffic to it is completely unexpected.

So now I have Schrodinger's vulnerability until whatever potato-class servers they have their support bulletins running on frees up enough slots to render a frigging static HTML page.

It's almost as bad as news teasers that are like "Is something in your house going to kill you in the next 30 seconds? Find out more at 11!"


A couple of years ago, QR-bills were introduced in Switzerland as a means to make payments easier. My bank provides an app to scan the QR codes, which I prefer not to install. The only other option they provide to scan the codes is to use the webcam. Am I supposed to print my digital bills to have my webcam scan them again? Just let me upload a goddamn screenshot.


I had signed up for the google referer class action which given this I assumed a lot of people did.


[image// text reading "End your free trial You still have 29 remaining days in your free trial. Once you cancel, you will lose access to the apps in your free trial." with a button that says cancel trial]

did i say mildly infuriating? i meant rage inducing. companies that don't let you cancel recurring billing at the end of the trial who hurt you? stop making me remember to go in at the 28th day to cancel...

yes, it is adobe. shocker.


Also, it won't let me double-check my order to make sure, in this case, that they really did claim that the book was in good condition when there are pages falling out. No matter what I click on, it won't let me.

I rarely buy anything from eBay, but I really didn't think someone would be that dishonest about the condition of a book. And I guess eBay facilitated it.

The worst part is that I used to be an eBay seller about 10 years ago and eBay would not have been this courteous to me back then. Serious enshittification.


I was presented with this captcha before completing an online purchase this morning on my phone. The window is too small to see all of the images or the "Verify" button.

I did eventually realize that I can swipe upwards to scroll down a bit and see the rest, but there's no visual indicator to do so. It took me a bit to figure it out.


Yes I am aware that they're somehow supposed to reduce plastic waste because the cap can't get lost ... unless you cut it off, of course.

Yes I am also aware that there are people with disabilities (shaky hands, weak grip, etc.) who are thankful for these and actually like the design. Good for them, and I mean that in a non-sarcastic way.

But personally, I hate these things with all the "first world problems" rage I can muster and go out of my way to rip / cut / twist them off on every single bottle I buy. I don't like having the bottle cap directly in my face while drinking, or slipping in the way of the flow whenever I just want to pour milk, and on more than one occasion, I've actually cut my finger OR lip on these little sh*ts (not the same type as in the picture, but baldy-made longer "bands" that leave little plastic spikes on the cap and/or band).

No idea whether I should post this in the "unpopular opinion" section instead or if other people think the same, but to me, "mildly infuriating" describes them perfectly.


I recieved this email today. I don't use twitch, only made an account once for some specific purpose. I don't know these people and I'm a 100% certain they don't know me. This is just toxic marketing to lure me back in.


EDIT: I took up learning on Duolingo now.


Just put less chicken in the box! And I used up my reward to get a 2$ small popcorn chicken.


Area code blocked for privacy but it is spoofed from my phones number which I have not lived there in many years


At the risk of once again being told what an idiot I am, healthcare in America sucks. Thanks for the present though, mom. We need all the help we can get.

By the way, feel free to tell me how great my Photoshop skills are. Some people on Lemmy love to tell me how I’m not sick and just making it up for sympathy.

Sorry… is there a community for “I’ve been pissed off for months now?”

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