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Fitness guru Richard Simmons has died. Publicist Tom Estey tells The Associated Press that Simmons died Friday at his home in Los Angeles on Saturday, a day after his 76th birthday.

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Drag Race Rule

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Crafts are fun.


For context:

English Translation:

Do you all remember Barbara

And her legendary rhubarb bar?

Yes, in Barbara's rhubarb bar

The rhubarb was never scarce back then

Because in Barbara's rhubarb bar, as you know

There was a rhubarb cake that you don't easily forget

It had been very popular for years among three barbarians

Because barbarians know what rhubarb is

Barbarians know what rhubarb is

K-, k-, know what rhubarb is

Th-, th-, then there was also the barbarian beard barber

The barbarians were almost here every evening with him

And always drank with him after work


And since the beard barber was really here every evening

Barbara needed an additional bartender for the rhubarb bar beer bar Soon

So she doesn't work alone behind the bar

And so the next day Bärbel suddenly stood behind the bar

She was smart, charming, and very well-read

It didn't take long for everyone in the rhubarb bar to be captivated

As soon as they saw this beautiful being standing behind the bar

The beard barber called out: Bärbel

You are the woman for whom I would sell all my belongings

I wish you were my rhubarb-barbara-bar- Barbarian-beard-barber-beer-bar-Bärbel

The three barbarians were also heavily courting

They would die for a smile from Bärbel

But all their courting was ignored by Bärbel

Because Bärbel was mainly interested in Barbara

And there was clear sympathy on both sides

Apparently, besides Bärbel, Barbara was also bi

A rainbow appeared in the brightest colors When Barbara and Bärbel said 'I do'

The party then took place in the rhubarb bar (Of course!)

And was one of a kind

The beard barber was there, the barbarians were there

And of course, there was plenty of rhubarb cake

The three barbarians served alongside

A rhubarb-barbara-barbarian-barbecue

And later for the dance, the not at all dull

Baden-Baden rhubarb bar ballad bards played

So they both said yes to each other

Rhubarb-Barbara and her Bärbel - hooray!

And soon Master Stork swiftly arrived

And brought a child to the rhubarb bar

Apart from Bärbel and Barbara

Of course, the beard barber and the

barbarians were there for the baby

They were all like a huge family

And they named the child Emily (Lovely!)

Will it later take over the barbershop

Or stand behind the bar at Barbara's?


After all, it was the rhubarb-barbara-bar-barbarian-beard-barber-beer-bar-baby

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