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Feel free to open a merge request

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Thank you for your comments in this thread.

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Thanks, definitely got lucky a few times!

Thank you everyone would participated!

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Feel free I would say!

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Sadly have been told about federation issues, being unable to see ! ( from Lemmy.

I'm able to see it from my instance:

I just subscribed to it, I should be able to see your next posts. That's one thing, you need people to subscribe to it for it to be visible on the instance

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That it I gave up.

Sounds reasonable


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LEE tells the story of Lee Miller (Winslet), American photographer. Determined to document the truth of the Nazi regime, and in spite of the odds stacked against female correspondents, Lee captured some of the most important images of World War II, for which she paid an enormous personal price.

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Mostly happy about the weekly thread in ! Hopefully it will bring more people to the communities mentioned there

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completed their move off and is posting regularly.

Great news!

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It seems that there isn't any post on that community, is this correct?

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First time I hear about that society!

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That's all good, I was just curious 😄

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