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For so many of my use cases the Echo and Echo Show products by Amazon are exactly what is needed. For instance in the living my full sized echo is ideal for voice commands and playing music but in my bedroom a Show 5 / 8 is what you want in order to see the time, play music, and have wakeup alarms. I wish I could either find a company building a generic version of them or find a way to reload them to work with HA instead of Amazon. :/

I'd buy Android tablets and run the HA Companion App on them but it still doesn't have wakeword support.

I could build a small fleet of rPIs in touch screen cases but even then you have to bolt on a microphone and speakers so they still wouldn't have a finished / polished look.

I have no problem spending a reasonable, or even maybe unreasonable, amount of money to get a nice looking Wyoming Satellite but I'll be darned if I can figure out HOW. I'm actually kind of astonished that no over-seas manufacturer has started making something like a gutted Echo / Echo Show that you can slide a raspberry pi board into.

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Still can't see in the dark. That's why we need backpack patriot batteries.

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"NGI provided the seed funding for many of the leading (fediverse / activitypub) projects, such as ActivityPods, Bonfire, Castopod, Flarum, ForgeFed, Funkwhale, GNU social, Hubzilla, Indigenous, Kbin, Keyoxide, Lemmy, Mastodon, Mobilizon, Owncast, PeerTube, PixelDroid, Pixelfed, Pleroma and Xwiki. NGI also funded bridging mechanism for various communication protocols, such as XMPP, Matrix."

If you're reading this comment then you benefited from NGI funding. The full 85 page report is available here: https://op.europa.eu/en/publication-detail/-/publication/257ae66f-23c7-11ef-a195-01aa75ed71a1/language-en/format-PDF/source-324755022

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Shotguns are ineffective against drones more than 100ish yards away. ISR drones commonly work well beyond this distance. Shotguns are also ineffective against FPV drones because their high speed demands marksmanship and fast reflexes in order to hit them. Shotguns don't work against any of them in the dark because you can't see them.

So the take-a-way here is that we need to shrink Patriot Batteries down to fit in a backpack and make 100,000 units so we an assign them at the platoon level.

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Okay so there's no real argument about why the RNC, DJT, and the MRP are bringing this lawsuit. It's politically motivated and they are dicks trying to prevent people from voting.

With that said my lay reading of the Lawsuit (22 pages, pdf warning) leads me to believe that the lawsuit has merit; meaning that they may be correct that neither the Governor nor the Secretary of State have the unilateral authority to add or remove VRAs.

So yeah their motivation for the lawsuit is shitty but this is "Rule of Law" type stuff. We aren't happy when Republican Governor's pull this shit and we shouldn't be giving Democrat Governor's a free pass either.

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I'm fine with NPUs / TPUs (AI-enhancing hardware) being included with systems because it's useful for more than just OS shenanigans and commercial generative AI. Do I want Microsoft CoPilot Recall running on that hardware? No.

However I've bought TPUs for things like Frigate servers and various ML projects. For gamers there's some really cool use cases out there for using local LLMs to generate NPC responses in RPGs. For "Smart Home" enthusiasts things like Home Assistant will be rolling out support for local LLMs later this year to make voice commands more context aware.

So do I want that hardware in there so I can use it MYSELF for other things? Yes, yes I do. You probably will eventually too.

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This is from the old Mosh Girl meme.

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No he and you are just describing a liberal.

Well...yes. Of course we are.

There are not and never have been your mythical “actual conservatives”.

At one time the Republicans were liberals and even advertised themselves as such. If you crack a history book you can see that what's happening with MAGA right now isn't the first time that the RP has been through this.

Aside from goings on in the 1870s we can look to the 1950s and the Eisenhower Republicans. You should look those up.

Conservatives have always been about enforcing social hierarchies.

Nah, my lived experience says differently. Dad was a Republican and he never made any racial or social distinctions on anyone. Neither did my mother. The only people my family had a problem with were Russians...and with damn good reason. So that means he was a Republican without being a Conservative. A liberal Republican if you will...and at one time the US was full of them.

Your claims are so overly broad that they've slipped into revisionism.

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I'm not saying redlining didn't happen. I'm saying that returning GIs didn't intentionally build neighborhoods and redline them away from blacks to prevent paying taxes to black schools.

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The US has pretty much always made Social Progress in bursts. We do a whole bunch at once then do nothing for a time while things settle in. Eventually pressure starts to build as we recognize more injustices and when it builds far enough there's another burst of Social Progress.

We're currently headed into another burst but its been delayed by the sheer numbers of old people who are clinging to the levers of power until the Grim Reaper pries them off. This is entirely unique in the history of this country because prior to the 1950s or so people simply didn't live or stay healthy long enough for this problem to manifest.

Big changes are coming in the next decade.

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The 'burbs mostly got built by GIs returning from WWII. There wasn't room enough in the cities for all of them. I strongly doubt that "tax money going to fund black kids schools" was even a thought for most of them, let alone a primary motivator.

Well Hello There! (self.announcements)
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Yes I am actually an OG Star Wars nerd. I saw the release of "New Hope" in the theater on opening weekend with my Dad. We've actually seen every SW movie in the theater together. Yes all of them.

Anyway I'm a new Admin here at lemmy.today and @mrmanager@lemmy.today asked me to introduce myself so here goes.

As a GenX my 'online' experience started back in the mid-80s using my Commodore to dial into BBSs then it was BBSs on my custom built 286 (Computer Shopper FTW!) By the early-90s I was running rampant on CompuServ using my Tandy 386, in the mid '90s it was AOL on my IBM Aptiva, and by the late 90s it was ISP connections on my custom built Pentium II PCs.

Along the way I've participated in the rise, fall, and replacement of all the Operating Systems, Applications, Forums, and Aggregators that the last four decades have had to offer. (Dammit I'm old!)

Like many Lemmy users I ~~left~~ escaped Reddit last summer when they started seriously enshittifying the site in the IPO runup. I was actully on lemmy.world first but ended up here after they had too much downtime and too many defederations. I like it here, it's a fast and fairly open instance with very little drama.

Speaking of admin / mod styles mine is "Digital Janitor" and I really try to be as no/low drama as possible in that role. I'm here to to keep this instance functional, federated, and the content in line with whatever policies mrmanger or a community sets for itself. I clean up after spammers, remove objectionable or illegal content, and help with user management. That's pretty much it. I'm simply not interested in the power tripping rot that seems to infect so many Admins / Mods.

I ended up as Admin through an offer to help mrmanager when some other instances were threatening to defederate us due to spam and content problems. In the thread where it was being discussed I offered to lend a hand and the next thing I knew I had a red "A" next to my name! (I'm joking, they did actually ask me first and I took a couple of days to think about it before I agreed.)

I'm around quite a bit so if you run into something that needs attention feel free to reach out. 🙂


New York may become the first state to bar gun companies from selling pistols that can easily be converted into machine guns.

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I read the sidebar and didn't see anything about asking questions so apologies in advance if this post breaks a rule.

I'm in the U.S. and wanting to knowif Proton Family is a good choice for my use case.

Two decades ago I got tired of changing email addresses whenever my ISP changed so I registered my surname as a .net vanity domain and started running my own email server at home. When Google started offering Google for Organizations for free if you had less than 10 users I folded up my personal email server and shifted everything over. We use it for e-mail and basic family calendaring.

Last month when going through bills my wife and I were once again frustrated by coordination required to sign into various accounts. "Hey what's the password for $CreditCard?" or "What's the MFA you just got for $BankAccount?" or "What's the password for Disney"?"

That got me started looking for a family password manager so we could easily share and keep this stuff up to date.

At the same time we realized that were paying for YouTube TV, YouTube Premium, two YouTube Music, and an Amazon Music subscription. Whoops.

Well, no problem. We'll just "family share" the YTTV and YTP subscriptions so everyone has everything and we save some money.

Nope. G-Suite doesn't allow family sharing. So we're all going to have to create seperate @gmail.com addresses to make this work. Oh, and I'll have to shift the YTTV subscription from my vanity domain to a regular @gmail as well. Which breaks the entire idea behind the vanity domain in the first place.

While I researching a Family Password Manager of course I found Proton Pass. While I was looking at the pricing for it I realized that they also have a "Family" setup for email which looks interesting.

So now I'm considering porting my vanity domain and all it's email out of G-Suite and over to Proton Family. At nearly $300 a year it's not exactly inexpensive, since I'd basically be paying it until I die, and it will be a fair bit of work to switch everything over so I don't want to do it unless it's going to work.

So would Proton Family be a good choice? Are there any significant technical challenges to migrating a custom domain and email out of G-Suite and into Proton?

Edit: This post was rambly and unclear. The TL;DR is that I’m increasingly annoyed with G-Suite and since I’m looking at Proton Pass anyway I'm wondering about Proton Suite (which includes Email, Calendar, and Pass).

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Always surprises me when I go to do something in HA and realize that I can't figure out how.

This time its lights, specifically making sure that they don't get left on.

Until now I've simply been creating an automation for each light switch so that if it changes state from Off to On and when it's 30 minutes after sunrise it's starts a 15 minute wait and then changes the state of the switch to off.

This approach mostly works but it's less than ideal.

First I'm having to create an automation for each device. How do I do it by Area, or list / group of devices, instead?

Second if a device is turned on too early there's no state change for the automation to catch and it never fires. I could fix this by creating another automation that checks for it but then I'll have even more of them to manage.

Third this doesn't work very well if you want different things to happen on the weekends as opposed to during the weekday. For instance on a Saturday I may WANT that closet light to stay on longer because I'm putting away clothes.

It'd be really nice if I could program HA like this 'On a weekday if you see any device on this list turn on 30 minutes after Sunrise I want you to turn whichever one(s) it was off again 15 minutes later.'.

I'm must be missing something here because surely HA can do this, right?

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Both FireFox on PC and Connect on Android keep signing me out, throwing general "error" messages, and refusing to load the next page.

Liftoff on iOS can't even find lemmy.today in order to add it as an instance!

I'm not seeing any discussion of these kinds of problems elsewhere but they've been consistent since the .19 upgrade and they've persisted after the .19.1 update.

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Shortly after the ratGDO v2.5 was released I ordered one and a couple of days later I ordered a case from Etsy to go with it.

Two days later the Etsy seller messages me asking if have the v2.5 or v2.5i because the cases are different. WTF? There's already a new version?! I tell the seller to make it the v2.5i because that's probably what I'll get.

So last week I received a very nice red case from the Etsy Seller HighTower3D out of the North Carolina. Seriously, this thing is nice. The build quality is high, it has magnets in the bottom for mounting, comes with allen screws (and the allen wrench you need) and a couple of little zip ties.

So this week my ratGDO shows up and...it's v2.52i! A quick check of the website shows that there's now a v2.53 and that makes four revisions in the last month!

You can't make this stuff up so all I can do is laugh...and give away the v2.5i case that I spent $26 on and doesn't fit the ratGDO version I ended up with.

I have no use for this case so I'm giving it away to someone who can; make sure you have a v2.5i though because this call will NOT fit any other version.

If you are in the United States and can use this case then leave a reply below. 😊


I ordered some sidewalk heating mats from HeatTrak and I want to automate them with HA so that they come on when it makes sense to do so based on the data from my Tempest Weather Station.

According to HeatTrack my mats will have a combined resistive load of 5A which is well within the spec of the Zooz ZEN05 or ZEN14, both rated for 15A resistive loads, but when I asked them about it they did not recommend using either of them with heated mats. They couldn't, or wouldn't, explain why and it doesn't make sense to me why this wouldn't work.

My next thought was to simply swap the outlet to something smart but this is an outdoor outlet so it needs to be GFCI and there's essentially no Z-Wave GFCI outlets made.

Do I really need to use something like an Enbrighten Z-Wave Plus 40-Amp contactor for this or am I missing something here?


I have an automation that turns my driveway lights on when motion is detected. It normally works fairly well but it was windy last night and that caused the automation to trip endlessly as my trees and bushes were whipping around. Lights would come on, shut off 10 minutes later, then turn right back on again. It basically did this all night until I disabled the automation.

I'll do some fine tuning of the motion sensors which will help and I'm considering adding a condition to the automation where it won't trip if the wind speed is above a certain level but how can I add some kind of cool down timer to the automation to prevent it from endlessly engaging?


First the layout. My garage is setup similar to this one, although mine is attached, has three light fixtures, and my driveway is 4 cars wide.

The wife wants me to replace the three basic on / off fixtures that we have (they're getting rusty) and keep them all matching. If I'm going to do this I want to add a camera to the setup.

Functionally I'd like the lights to have or work like they have dual bright capability where they come on full bright at sunset then after a couple of hours they dim down unless they detect motion. If they detect motion then they come back to full bright for a period of time then dim back down again. They do this for a set period of hours, say 4, then they turn off completely unless they detect motion.

My current lights are already automated for on / off (but not dimming or motion) through the use of HA and a z-wave switch.

Where I'm getting stuck is that I can see at least three ways to do this but none of them are perfect.

  1. Replace my dumb carriage fixtures with new dumb fixtures then change the switch to a dimming version plus add a motion sensor and camera out front. Then setup HA for the functionality I want. The upside of doing it this way is that it's very easy to get matching fixtures. The downside is that the motion sensor and camera will not be well integrated visually.

  2. Replace my dumb fixtures with ones that have dual bright built in. It's easy to do, and I could even keep the HA Automation I have setup now, but again the camera setup is not going to integrate well visually. I'm also concerned that three motion sensors controlling three lights will cause trouble for the camera (or each other) because they will react to different things and turn themselves on and off independently.

  3. Replace my dumb fixtures with smarter ones. In the center position I'd use one that has an integrated motion sensor and camera. This Reolink seems like it would work pretty well. However RL doesn't make any fixtures that match it, which means my center fixture would look different than the other two.

I may just have to deal with mismatched fixtures but does anyone have any suggestions? Am I missing an option?


The U.S. House of Representatives has one voting member for every 747,000 or so Americans. That’s by far the highest population-to-representative ratio among a peer group of industrialized democracies, and the highest it’s been in U.S. history.

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Radically expanding the House of Representatives would help solve some of the biggest problems facing Congress and, by extension, the country.


The next step in my HA journey is adding cameras; indoor, outdoor, and doorbell so I've been exploring my options. I had originally intended to do a Frigate setup, I even have a Coral module and PC to do it with, but then I discovered Reolink.

Without having any experience with them they look nearly ideal. They seem to have tight integration with HA 2023.3 or later and their pricing and functionality look good.

They seem like a no brainer but I've noticed that they're often NOT the first recommendation in the HA Community. Why is that and why shouldn't I use them?

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