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It's strangely both. If you're lucky, sometimes you'll see them arguing with each other.

There's no way. Let's get Ghislaine on the phone.

It's so funny to picture the guy slightly off camera wiggling them around for the scenes. I love it.

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Nah, that seems just right.


It's basically just chess themed memes and shitposts, heavy on the latter.

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I'd love to see more en passant enthusiasts in !


I have no idea if it's real or a joke. Googling it is just showing me more memes.

I'm probably going to explain it poorly, because I'm not a computer science person, but the fediverse is the umbrella term for the all the independent and interconnected servers using the same protocol to communicate and build federated social media. Meaning it's not centrally controlled, like we're a bunch of ships at sea tied together instead of all using the same port owned by one entity (like reddit).

So, Lemmy and a few others for something reddit-style, Mastodon for something twitter style, and so on. All would fall under the umbrella of the "fediverse".

As for getting involved, you could try to add content to attract people here and entertain those who already are (that's what I've been doing), or if you're tech-savvy, you could even create your own federated instance.

I don't know if he's still going, or if it's new people taking on the name, but I've been seeing them circulate while searching for stuff to post to lemmy.

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I like the idea of decentralized social media. Having a single for-profit company moderating all content feels sleazy.

The beauty of the fediverse is that there's independent competition. If you don't like how a certain space is being run, you can choose another or create your own. It's ironically very "free-market capitalistic", in contrast to the political leanings of the user-base. Lol

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