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Trump got shot? Wow. I didn't know that, you're telling me for the first time. He led an amazing life. What else can you say? He was an amazing man who led an amazing life. I'm actually sad to hear that. Thank you very much.

🎵 Blue jean baby,

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Seamstress for the band 🎵

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All of you tankies think that the assassination attempt was "cool" and "funny" but you forgot that political violence is only justified when it is directed at children in Gaza smuglord

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This is my take as well. If this were at all politically motivated, we would be reading his manifesto right now. Or at least his unhinged posts on 4chan/facebook. The fact that there are none of those things leads me to believe that this is just a guy who wanted to be epic. The target was irrelevant, if it was Genocide Joe on that stage he would have still taken the shot.


Mr. Beast / Hawk Tuah Girl 2024 xi-vote

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Get some rest and take care comrade, listen to this for good sleep toriel-snooze

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Thank you for the advice, I'm looking forward to playing! skeleton-motorcycle

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Sounds great, thank you for the reccs! unity

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Thanks for the explanation, I will try this out rat-salute-2

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That's good news, I haven't played it yet but it looks great. I'm glad to hear it's still being supported and held in high regard. Do you have a favourite build in the game?

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I agree about Morrowind, it's one of my favourite games of all time.

Btw why do you suggest a controller for KC:D? I haven't played it yet but it looks like a keyboard+mouse game from what I've seen. I usually play most games with KB+M unless it's a game that was meant to be played with a controller. I like being able to aim precisely, even if I'm swinging a sword

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I never will support giving steam money for games you could pirate

I only buy games when they are around 80% off. I have been pirating games my entire life since I couldn't afford them. Now I can finally afford them so it feels good being able to slowly curate my own library of games. I still think piracy is awesome tho straw-hat-pirates

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Just pulled the trigger on my Steam sale purchase. Got 10 games for 50 bucks so my brain is giving me the good chemical because of the round numbers feral-hog


I'm not an inmate, I'm prisonmaxxing.


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Feel free to ask us anything, we're happy to talk, as long as it's in good faith. We are only dunking on smug assholes when they come here from other instances in bad faith without any intention to hear us


There are some insane deals this year



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