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I was reading Warframe reddit threads about opinions on the setup of Cavia standing, and I saw an opinion that was taken as a given that I disagree with. People said that it's easier to max daily standing with Necralisk and Z****** than with Cetus and Fortuna, because the token system lets you bank a week's worth of standing in one go and then cash in the standing limit of tokens day by day.

The point I want to make isn't applicable to Cavia, but on that one technical point, I disagree. It's easier to max standing with Cetus than with Necralisk. Now, I say this being at rank 4 with Necralisk and rank 3 with Ostrons, but that's only because I like the infested better than the grineer (And I had to get a necramech for New War). In terms of ease, Cetus wins.

Today I put on a podcast, went out to the plains at night, and maxed my daily standing in 20 minutes. I did so through conservation. The place was crawling with vasca kavats and other animals. It was easy. I didn't have to pause my podcast to look through menus, I didn't have to wait for dialogue, I didn't have to run out timers with extractors or Latrox. I just shot two dozen animals and went home. Also, that's even with it being harder than normal because my right click is on the fritz.

Conservation is as easy on the drift as it is on the plains. Easier, actually, because infested tend to get close and personal real quick and then stop spawning, while Grineer are constantly patrolling and shooting you from a distance. But on Deimos, conservation doesn't reward standing directly. You have to trade tags in to Son, and you can only get so many tags at once. After that, you have to wait. You can't just bang out all your standing in one go, you get a slow drip feed of standing tokens. On Deimos, it's more efficient to just run missions for Mother. But in Cetus, you can mostly ignore the bad guys and get your daily standing done inside half an hour.


Just killed my current Lich and got the Kuva Nukor, and now I'm wondering how it will compare to the Tenet Cycron for Priming. This is their comparison on the equip screen:

Anyone have experience with both weapons? Which would you say is generally better for the job? Of note: I don't do collision overload and rarely melee in general.


I know they're pretty much the worst companions in the game but I really love my helminth charger, glad I can run around with four of them now.

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If so, how was it? I mean, you do own Simaris Gaming Console, right?

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A virulent plague, a mutated warrior, the "I just wanna stay here and grow my infested garden" frame - Nidus!

Release date: 2016-12-22

Passive: The Infestation dwelling within Nidus mutates rapidly when used against his foes, fueling his abilities and yielding various symbiotic benefits.
Virulence - Rupture the ground with a damaging fungal growth that steals energy from each enemy it strikes. For every five enemies hit, the Infestation mutates, multiplying its destructive force.
Larva - Spawn an Infested pod that erupts with tendrils, latches onto nearby enemies and pulls them in.
Parasitic Link - Bind to a target with a parasitic link. For allies, both the host and Nidus gain increased Ability Strength. Linked enemies take the damage inflicted on Nidus.
Ravenous - Gluttonous maggots swarm nearby enemies, feasting until they burst with Infestation. The maggots benefit from Mutation and each enemy consumed adds to the Mutation stack.

Acquisition: Main blueprint is acquired from The Glast Gambit quest. Component blueprints are acquired from Rotation C of Infested Salvage on Oestrus, Eris.

Community question: With the release of Dante, it got me thinking about using these weekly threads as a way to discuss newly released frames, not just old ones. Whenever a new frame releases, they would get the next upcoming thread, after which the queue would resume. Thoughts? I was also thinking about possibly re-making a thread if a frame receives a substantial enough rework, so far I got lucky with both Hydroid's and Inaros' reworks being timed perfectly with their queue spots, but that won't always be the case.

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I've been farming focus, simaris standing and kuva weapons lately and dug into suggestions online to see if I could improve my efficiency. The meta seems to say Equinox is 'the best' frame for these farms at Adaro, Sedna. From what I can tell, its her ability to put enemies to sleep for stealth purposes along with good mobility while also being effective with 0 forma builds that puts her as 'best' in the meta.

Adaro is definitely an improvement over other nodes for balancing speed, difficulty and tedium based on my experiences but I'm definitely not fond of Equinox for these farms.

The trouble is I really dont like the amount of thinking (for me) involved with Equinox when it comes to farming. She's a great frame who I'll eventually setup for more general use but for farming, esp when on switch/mobile, she requires a lot more thinking and tactics than I'd prefer.

Equinox requires enough thinking (for me) that I started looking for other ideas. Particularly Ivara and Loki given they both are designed with stealth in mind and take a lot of the thinking out of anything stealth related.

Ivara is a pretty straight forward build but the prowl movement nerf is enough of an annoyance I'd recommend Loki unless you need ~~corrosive~~ toxin kuva weapons. If you are also farming ~~corrosive~~ toxin kuva weapons, Ivara is a great choice. Re-use any stealth build and the sleep arrow from Quiver and youre good to go. Maybe add a couple archon shards to improve her parkour speed and roll around for faster movement.

Loki, on the other hand, ends up being easier to build compared to Ivara (0 forma) and easier to use for farming (refresh invis when the timer run out, use lull as you go). Very straight forward to play. I've also been chasing radiation kuva weapons which is another reason for me to use Loki instead of Ivara.

My Loki farming build, linked below, has proven the easiest to use when farming on the couch (switch/steam link), outside enjoying the sun (mobile/steam link) or late at night before bed (any platform). Exactly what I wanted. Even if not 'meta', this build very much worth considering. The link has a full description and details on the build + loadout.


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Just finished the Steel Path and got all the Bobbles!

Arranged them as an homage to the pre-Orbiter mission select screen. The Deimos bobble isn't clearly visible but it's there between Mars and Phobos. The Zariman Bobble is unfortunately out of frame on my Pedestal Prime.

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First off wanted to thank everyone who chimed in on my last post I feel like I'm no longer stumbling around in the dark.

But I've started to grind towards wisp prime while progressing my start chart using this wiki to see what relics I need and where to get them, but I've been having bad luck

I got one of my friends to help me earlier during a void fissure mission but still no luck opening getting the blueprints

I'm sitting on a radiant relic that has the blueprint for wisp but I'm holding off on opening it in case there's something I can do to further increase my shot on getting the gold tier wisp blueprint

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I'm fairly new to Warframe, only MR 6 with a few weapons maxed (and sold) and just now making Rhino as my first new frame. I have been working through the star chart and completing quests as I got them.

In my adventures I have encountered some opportunities to grind for certain things. Reputations with the syndicates, rewards from Fortuna or the the happy family in Deimos, or that frame you can buy from Duviri wyrm kills etcetera. But how do I know what is worth going for?

I don't necessarily want to rush to end game ASAP, but I also don't want to spend time grinding for something that I would very quickly replace anyway

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The protector of Mars, spin 2 win, Khora's new cat friend - Inaros!

Release date: 2016-03-04

Passive: On fatal injury and entering Bleedout, Inaros entombs himself into a Sarcophagus and incarnates as a sand version of himself, able to revive himself by melee attacking enemies and siphoning their life force.
Desiccation - Blast enemies with a wave of cursed sand that blinds them and steals their health.
Sand Storm - Become a sandstorm. Inaros devours enemies pulled into his whirlwind, healing himself.
Scarab Shell - Activate to form Armor by draining Inaros' Health. Activate again to stop the formation early. The protective layer reduces incoming Damage and absorbs Status Effects.
Scarab Swarm - Summon a Scarab Swarm to attack enemies with guaranteed Corrosion Status. Damage scales with Inaros' Health. Enemies killed while immersed in the swarm summon a Swarm Kavat that fights alongside Inaros and guides the scarabs to other enemies.

Acquisition: Main and component blueprints are obtained from the Sands of Inaros quest.

What ARE Zaw links? (startrek.website)

I understand what they do mechanically. But what ARE they? They're clearly rings attached to the strike of the zaw with weird special properties. Are they some kind of powerful technology? A mystical focus? How on earth do they affect damage and crit chance? How do rings attached to a sword make it swing faster?

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It's kinda funny and endearing at the same time, all my graphical settings are maxed out by the way

Onos thoughts? (dormi.zone)
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The entrati armcannon doesn't really seem to live up to its hype - the normal fire is just slow rifle-like fire with no aoe or punch through and the incarnon mode seems to be a big short lived beam with low damage, short range and width, and can only fire a few times before running out of charge.

Am I missing something, like how to build it, or is it really underwhelming?

Dante: No Grind? (dormi.zone)
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Am I lucky for once in my life or is Dante a really eazy grind? I just got half of Dante and ~130 pity points in one run then finished off the pps on a single C rotation. So with less than an hour of work I've got the new frame under construction.

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Take some time to appreciate the amazing writing and voice work in Warframe by taking a nice fifteen-minute bath in Albrecht Entrati’s monologue


My partner is playing through The Deadlock Protocol right now in preparation for playing the new update content, and I'm watching. And Eudico called Nef Anyo a narcissist. For those who aren't plugged into disability discourse, "narcissist" is a slur for people living with NPD, or narcissistic personality disorder. It's a crippling disability caused by having been abused as a child. I understand Granum calling Nef a slur, because Granum sucks. And there's a cool dramatic irony in there that if Nef is a person living with NPD, it's obviously Granum's fault for being a deadbeat dad. Granum is insulting himself by using a slur, and that's good writing. But Eudico using a slur is bad writing. It took both me and my partner right out of the story and made us feel disappointed that even the worker's solidarity faction in warframe can't avoid using mental health terms as insults. If anyone should be avoiding that behaviour, it's Solaris United. It's depressing.

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The notes are stupid long, so I'm not gonna try to copy paste them here. However, here's an overview:

New Frames/Weapons
  • New frame: Dante (rot C new disruption node or via pity system)
  • New incarnon weapons: Onos (secondary) and Ruvox (melee: fist)
Starchart & Steel Path
  • New Deimos node: Armatus (Disruption)
  • Disruption QoL changes: demolisher marker shows up much more easily; red conduit now yellow
  • Omnia void fissures (can take any tier of relic in)
  • Steel Path Zariman & Cavia bounties
  • Steel Path incursion expansion: Zariman and Albrecht’s Laboratories now get their own 6th daily incursion
Albrecht's Laboratories tileset
  • New enemy: Gruzzling, drops lanthorns, echo vocas, common melee arcanes, and are an additional source of conduit activators on Armatus
  • Tileset expansion; includes new somachord tones
  • Netracell drop table changes (removed all the non-legendary melee arcanes & adjusted drop rates of remaining items)
  • Some enemy adjustments, including Rogue Bonewidows (which also applies to iso vaults)
Sanctum Anatomica
  • “Research Dante” store (Loid), which also includes riven transmuters and a new Simulacrum that lets you bump enemies an extra 25 levels
  • Weekly archon shard offering moved to Sanctum Anatomica (Bird3), no longer on Chipper
  • You can hug Fish, Bird, and Emo now.
Duviri Improvements
  • Top QoL changes: circuit progress now saves between rounds (!); you can leave the undercroft waiting area as long as the timer hasn't started
  • Circuit Assassination: Corrupted Jackal changes (nerf)
Cosmetics & Customization
  • Styanax Tonatiuh collection
  • Tennogen Unbound (6 things, including Sevagoth and Gyre skins)
  • New market bundles: Dante, Inaros cosmetics, voidshells (Banshee, Loki, Nekros), community glyphs, anniversary glyphs
  • Redliner emote
  • Customization for frames with invisibility abilities (under attachments > auxiliary attachments), lets you choose between classic transparent and just kind of an energy glow
  • Haztech & Smelter suits can now be worn by drifter
Frame Reworks & Changes
  • Inaros rework
  • Mirage Eclipse & Prism changes (no longer reliant on light)
  • Gara passive change (no longer reliant on light)
  • Nourish Helminth change (nerf)
  • Loki ability changes (decoy now scales; switch teleport no longer roots, and also gives a speed boost)
  • Yareli ability changes (no longer rooted when casting aquablades/riptide)
  • Archon shard expansion: Ascent Fusion (combine 3 of the same shard into a tauforged)
  • New warframe augment mods for Baruuk, Chroma, Citrine, Kullervo, Lavos, Loki, Nezha, Nidus, Styanax, Excal Umbra, and Yareli
    Click for augment list
  • Elusive Retribution (Baruuk - Elude): Every attack Baruuk Eludes increases his Melee Attack Speed and Melee Critical Damage by 5% up to 6 stacks. Stacks last 6s. (Hexis/Loca)
  • Guardian Armor (Chroma - Vex Armor): Chroma's Health takes 50% of damage dealt to allies within Affinity Range. Squad kills restore 5% of his Health over 3s and increases Vex Armor duration by 1s. (Suda/Perrin)
  • Recrystalize (Citrine - Crystallize): Enemies killed by crystalline growths stagger and spread the crystals to enemies within 16m. (Red Veil/Steel Merid)
  • Wrath of Ukko (Kullervo - Storm of Ukko): Wrathful Advance moves the storm of daggers to the teleportation location and increases its duration by 6s. (Loca/Steel Merid)
  • Valence Formation (Lavos - Passive): Upon Ability cast, applies the Ability Element as 200% Elemental Damage to your weapons with guaranteed Status for 20s. (Loka/Red Veil)
  • Damage Decoy (Loki - Decoy): Decoy can be cast on enemies. Enemies who attack that decoy receive 5 random Status Effects, and the reflected damage is increased by 350%. (Hexis/Red Veil)
  • Divine Retribution (Nezha - Divine Spears): When a speared enemy suffers from a Status Effect, the Status Effect spreads to all speared enemies. Spear explosions apply 1.5x Status Damage. (Suda/Steel Merid)
  • Parasitic Vitality (Nidus - Parasitic Link): Nidus and any ally he's bound to gain 4% Max Health per Mutation during Parasitic Link. (Steel Merid/Perrin)
  • Axios Javelineers (Styanax - Axios Javelin): A pair of Styanax Specters spawn to throw javelins, creating vortexes on impact. Impale an enemy to increase vortex duration by 5s. (Hexis/Loka)
  • Warrior’s Rest (Excalibur Umbra - Passive): Umbra's Ability Strength increases by 15% but he no longer fights independently alongside his Operator. (Hexis/Red Veil)
  • Loyal Merulina (Yareli - Merulina): You no longer ride Merulina. Instead, she follows her and casts Sea Snare on nearby enemies. 2s cooldown. (Suda/Loka)
New Player Path Improvements
  • Cephalon Simaris introduction improved
  • Mote Amp acquisition improved
  • Junction changes
  • Inbox messages more correctly mastery-rank locked
  • Railjack market bundle changes (removed some bundles, and added a new, better one for less plat; differences in plat will be refunded)
  • Quest changes (including reducing quest item build times to 10 sec)
Melee Attack Changes
  • Melee ground slam attack changes: only radial damage (max 50% falloff at edge), scales with mods
  • Melee finisher improvements (new vfx, more enemies can be finishered)
  • Auto-melee fixes (no longer will I get stuck perma-meleeing in circuit... probably)
UI QoL changes
  • New UI sorting categories for arcanes, captura, and orbiter deco
  • New fast travel menus for orbiter, relays, & dojo (same as gear button) (includes Baro!)
  • Upgrade screen changes (some nice little tweaks)
  • Warframe, weapon, And railjack stat UI rework (honestly it seems mostly the same in practice, but you can now see some extra handy stats if you've equipped mods that affect them)
  • Incarnon reticle improvements
Visual Updates
  • GI Volume Lighting updates (now applies to orbiter and some other places, as well as transparent parts on frames)
  • Kubrow fur updates
Other Additions, Changes, Fixes, etc.

Some highlights:

  • Sticky corners begone!
  • Applicable ammo pickups will charge tome alt-fire, instead of being useless for that weapon class
  • No more being locked out of companion pets when incubating; also imprint QoL#
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The Fairy Queen, the what-if-archwing-was-fun frame, fastest in the game - Titania!

For those curious why it's not Inaros this week, I switched him with Titania so we can discuss his post-rework state next week.

Release date: 2016-08-19

Passive: Titania passively possesses +25% Bullet Jump and Rolling distance. Casting her abilities rejuvenates Titania and her allies within 15 meters, granting them the Upsurge buff which regenerates 4 Health points per second for 20 seconds.
Spellbind - Enemies fumble their weapons as they tumble into the air. Nearby allies become immune to Status Effects.
Tribute - Cycle through and extract one of the four Buffs when cast on an enemy. Thorns reduces incoming damage. Dust degrades enemy accuracy. Full Moon increases companion damage. Entangle slows enemies within range.
Lantern - Create a swarm of razorflies that transform an enemy into an irresistible floating beacon, attracting witless comrades and finally exploding.
Razorwing - Shrink down and take flight, while razorflies attack nearby enemies.

Acquisition: Main and component blueprints are obtained from The Silver Grove quest.

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Like in the title I’m a new player and just looking for some advice. Back in 2018 when discord offered game I played then but really on started the fortuna quest and ofc the earth dungeons to get there. I just did the fortuna quest where thursby becomes legs and then a few dungeon quests. I also let the impulsive thoughts win and bought the gauss warframe and have been having fun with it :). I also got 3 relics from defending a cryopod, look like mossy orbs but I opened them when a mission had this swooshy icon over it (idk how to describe it) and I collected 10 rift thingys each to open them. I have no idea what I did but I got blueprints so I’m assuming I did something right

But any friendly tips? Is there any particular area (like free roam vs dungeons) I should be focusing on. Is there more than one story quest line per planet In free roam like the one with the iron rose in the box on earth or the aforementioned fortuna quest

I’m just kinda going from place to place progressing though dungeons but I lost and just feel like I’m kinda stumbling forward in the dark with no goal other than just go here and give em the ol swish swish stab stab bow l chicka bow wow

Edit: forgot to mention back when I briefly played in 2018 through discord I played Sayrin to Sayron, the disease or fungus idk one simply because poison damage seemed nice among other obvious reasons, but is she any good to play compared to gauss prime

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Guess the password to unlock get the Dex Color Pallet and a Clem glyph.

Warframe Anniversary Link You will have to scroll down the page a bit to find the puzzle.


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We bring you a very special Devstream #178 LIVE from the main stage at PAX East! Rebecca, Geoff, Megan, and special guest Ben Starr will be on stage to talk Dante Unbound, reveal our next Prime Warframe, and premiere a Warframe: 1999 teaser you won’t want to miss! Anyone attending PAX East can join us in the live audience and have a chance to ask a question during the Q&A segment!

There will be no Twitch Drop for Devstream #178 due to the offsite streaming.

We’re so excited to see you in person and virtually in chat! See you at twitch.tv/warframe AND twitch.tv/pax on March 22nd at 3 p.m ET.

This stream will feature both Warframe and Soulframe! To discuss any Soulframe segments, please head over here.

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