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Welcome to /c/Gay - Your LGBTQ+ Haven

We're more than just a community; we're your haven for celebrating LGBTQ+ culture and connecting with like-minded individuals.

Community Rules:

~ 1. No bigotry. Hating someone off of their race, culture, creed, sexuality, or identity is not remotely acceptable. Mistakes can happen but do your best to respect others.

~ 2. Keep it civil. Disagreements will happen. That's okay! Just don't let it make you forget that the person you are talking to is also a person.

~ 4. Keep it LGBTQ+ related. This one is kind of a gimme but keep as on topic as possible.

~ 5. Keep posts to a limit. We all love posts but 3-4 in an hour is plenty enough.

~ 6. Try to not repost. Mistakes happen, we get it! But try to not repost anything from within the past 1-2 months.

~ 7. No General AI Art. Posts of simple AI art do not 'inspire jamaharon' and fuck over our artist friends.

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I mean, is she interested too? She’s a grown woman. Different strokes for different folks.

[–] 13 points 1 week ago

Based on those tentacles, she might be really into the strokes.

[–] 2 points 1 week ago

I've read those stories on AO3. She should probably pass on that.