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Fair enough, I also host dnd with some friends if you want to listen in, or if not don't feel pressured.

But for all of us after high school, any new hobby will mean meeting established friend groups and will always be difficult, I understand the pain. I have faith in you finding new friends.

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Not looking for Netflix and chill but you wanna play Helldivers? We've got a bunch of people together that seem to play semi-regularly rn and if you wanted to make friends hanging out is the first step

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Me n the boys (lemmy.world)
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Just can't win with some people. And that's ok, life isn't about impressing everyone - anyone who tries gets exhausted real fast.

Palworld vibes (lemmy.world)
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Hey real quick though, because this dude has been defending his or this schools descicion since last September

Wheres the School Board this superintendant answers to? This school is having an ongoing issue of permitting a violation of federal law (discrimination of a protected class) and allowing violations of state law (CROWN act) to the degree it is in national news for the second time. This same school is why there's a CROWN act to be violated. Either the board is so massively incompetent to miss this and are not management material, or they are actively encouraging it. I wish I had such a level of job security jesus fucking christ. Fucking rich people get all the goddamn handouts.

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Pool party (lemmy.world)
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"We" as in multimillion dollar companies with 30 acre refrigeration centeres right? Since corps produce like what 70% of all emissions?

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Ps4 does, what pepega shit is this

(It is a meme I stole I am not currently attempting to connect a headset, but I am nonetheless bothered by ps5s lack of bluetooth)

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It may not be the work he wanted, but it was a positive direction. I know nothing about his other works, but new-kratos is a much expanded character and successful continuation on the original work. Not a hamfisted cash-in like so many sequelizations do.

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Now we shitpost on the funny mouse website!

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This is a funny way to spell 'frivolous' when describing a lawsuit

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Look I don't appreciate you coming at me with these logical and reasonable points.

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I like how at the time we hadn't even considered the entire slab would be a screen, like the memes still have the home button at the bottom. I get that it's a meme but still.

We also probably assumed the headphone jack would never go away either so.

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