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Tyson is an incredibly unpleasant person though. It's hard to see past his shitty personality.

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Not sure but if you avoid politics and news, I think most of it is pretty positive. :)

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It's just groups where users can talk live, but yes, much more privacy oriented. :)

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We just deployed the latest version of Lemmy 0.19.2 where the github code includes a possible fix for the outgoing federation issues we have been having.

But lets see before we celebrate. Help us test if outgoing federation seems to work now by making comments, posts and upvotes and see if they appear on other instances.

Of course if the other instances are on Lemmy 0.19.0 or 0.19.1, they could have issues with outgoing federation still until they update.

Release notes for 0.19.2: https://join-lemmy.org/news/2024-01-10_-_Lemmy_Release_v0.19.2_-_More_Federation_Fixes

submitted 2 months ago by mrmanager to c/announcements

Please try to comment and post things now, and see if they federate again.

Hopefully you see your activity instantly federated. I have tried making comments both to instances running Lemmy 0.19.1 and 0.18.5 and they all federate like they should.

Hope you have the same experience! 🥳

Outgoing federation issues (self.announcements)
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As you may have read in other threads, this version of Lemmy (0.19.1) seems to have bugs in outgoing federation on some instances.

As a temporary fix, we have added a scheduled restart of Lemmy every hour. It only takes a few seconds to restart, and the big advantage is that your comments and posts are only delayed up to 1 hour before they federate to other instances. You probably wont notice the restart even.

This will be in effect until a bug fix arrives from Lemmy developers, probably after new years sometime.

Thanks for reading and merry x-mas to everyone. :)

submitted 2 months ago* (last edited 2 months ago) by mrmanager to c/lemmy_support@lemmy.ml

Users of lemmy.today are reporting that outgoing federation of posts and comments stopped to work after the update to 0.19.1 about 19 hours ago.

A restart of lemmy software seems to have made it work again for now, but not sure for how long.

In this version its also common with CPU spikes on a regular basis. I assume its the new federation queue that takes more cpu in exchange for being more reliable. But I see a lot of Postgres UPDATE queries that did not occur in previous version. Also sometimes i see ROLLBACK, which I assume should not be happening.

Anyone else has similar issus with 0.19.1?

Relevant thread: https://lemmy.today/post/4382768

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Today we spent some time preparing for the big upgrade, by kicking the Lemmy version up to 0.18.5, merging in the latest changes from lemmy-ansible git repository and cleaning up some disk space on the instance.

So tomorrow at 02.00 am Oregon time we will do the update to Lemmy 0.19.

This is 11.00 am CET for people in Europe.

Hopefully all goes well and we come out the other side with a nice new 0.19 version. Its supposed to take about 30 minutes of downtime if there are no issues to solve.

Wish us luck :)

IMPORTANT: You probably need to log out and log in again to be able to post anything since they reworked authentication in this release.

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We are planning to install Lemmy 0.19 soon, hopefully in the coming week or so. It's a huge release with many new features, and I personally really like that it allows you users to block other instances if you want to.

You can read about all the new features in the link above.

More info coming in a few days about planned downtime and so on. :)

Lemmy.today was down just now (self.announcements)
submitted 4 months ago by mrmanager to c/announcements

We just had another unscheduled downtime due to a linux kernel bug.

Yesterday we noticed some issues with the server - mainly that we couldnt stop some docker containers. As you know, we are running some extra user web interfaces for Lemmy and we noticed that they started acting weirdly and had one cpu running at 100% constantly.

I wanted to restart those containers but I couldnt stop them. Found some posts online that this is a bug in the Ubuntu linux kernel: https://github.com/moby/moby/issues/43094.

Our stop attempts caused the docker platform to behave weirdly and it started to affect the main Lemmy software, so we did a reboot of the server and installed the latest updates.

We are very sorry for this unscheduled downtime. :/ Did you guys notice weirdness with Lemmy in the last 8 hours or so?

submitted 4 months ago by mrmanager to c/technology@lemmy.ml
submitted 4 months ago by mrmanager to c/technology@lemmy.ml
submitted 4 months ago by mrmanager to c/technology@lemmy.ml
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Hi guys!

This weekend we will move lemmy.today over to using object storage for images. We will be serving images from Amazon S3 in the Oregon region (western USA).

The way lemmy software is designed right now, it caches every image federated from other instances. So even if we are small instance, we still have to store a lot of federated images locally on our disk. This leads to disk space running out quickly and we previously had to delete images because of this.

When we delete images, it removes not only those cached images but also user profile icons and banners, as well as community icons and banners. This is why we have some missing images under Communities right now, and also why users have lost their profile pics.

Its been very embarrassing to have to do this, and now we will move to object storage to prevent this from happening in the future. Its much cheaper compared to ordinary disk space and gives better performance for users, so its a win-win. We just need to do a one-time migration over to it.

**Estimated downtime hours: **

Oregon time: Sunday 3 am - 6 am

CET: Sunday 12 pm to 15 pm.

If you have any questions, you know what to do. :)

EDIT: Looks like it went well and images are now served from S3 instead of filling up our disks. :) The url to the images still looks like they are served by the instance, but thats by design appearently. In the background, they are fetched from S3.

Please fill free to re-upload any banners, user avatars or community pictures you had in place before that may have been broken by the disk cleaning before.

  • When you do, you have to create a new picture with a new name for Lemmy to actually replace the image. Otherwise it wont work - ive tried myself. :)

submitted 5 months ago by mrmanager to c/announcements

Hi everyone,

As part of cleaning old cached images when the disk went full, it seems also images like your profile picture and banners (if you had those), got deleted.

If you dont mind, would you upload those again? And when you do, you cant upload the same picture. I made attempts myself to upload the same picture, but it needs to be a new picture (not even a rename of the pic works).

Next time I will make a DB query to figure out what pics are local and which are not, and delete only remote ones (cached images from other instances). There is a column in the DB for that, so just need to export a list of remote images and then delete only those.

Despite these growing pains, I think lemmy is still pretty awesome, and there will be tools to make these sort of issues go away in the future. I hear they are working on something for next version already so we will see.

Anyway, enjoy the weekend and once again, sorry for the mess around this issue.

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It's ad blocking and entire operating systems, or computers configured in any way they don't like.

If this goes through, they can force you to install any plugins they wish, or disable any plugins they wish. Or make sure you don't run Linux and only Windows or Mac. They can force you to have your camera on. They can do anything since they make the rules.

No innovation will take place. Competing browsers or software will not be allowed or manipulated into marketed as "unsafe".

This is a takeover of the open web stack as we know it.

[-] mrmanager 97 points 7 months ago

And that's exactly the point. WEI makes it a world where big tech decides if they are going to support a competing browser, a competing operating system like Linux, or plugins against ads. They can also force you to have any number of plugins installed, from their choosing.

It destroys the free web completely.

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Try container tabs!

They have separate sessions so you can be logged in to the same site on multiple accounts. This is extreamly useful for stuff like being logged in to github using work account and company account or other sites where you just need many accounts. Aws is another good example.

There is also temporary containers that leave no trace at all.

[-] mrmanager 195 points 7 months ago* (last edited 7 months ago)

It may be the last few years of the free web because of Google. Their goals are clear.

Please switch to Firefox, another search engine and another email provider...

[-] mrmanager 120 points 7 months ago* (last edited 7 months ago)

I think it's a bit silly to have megathreads just because some users can't scroll past posts that doesnt interest them.

I agree its not great with multiple threads but it's also not the end of the world imo. Users want to talk about these things. Let them.

It's not fun to post on megathreads because your comments get buried. At least it was like that on reddit.

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The way they talk to the mods is absolutely infuriating and the "best" part is they they don't even recognize it themselves.

[-] mrmanager 64 points 7 months ago

Thanks for your hard work! Lemmy is really taking off and it's showing how people can communicate without a corporation in the middle. Somehow this has been lost on younger internet users. They think they need to go to some big tech site to connect to other people. Who made those guys our overlords? Fuck them.

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