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It is a simple Python script to help backing up subscriptions or even copy them between different accounts.

Lemmy Firefox Extensions (addons.mozilla.org)
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There are quite a few interesting Firefox extensions popping up for Lemmy and Kbin to make the experience even better:

  • Lemmy Modern UI Theme - Adds a modern look for Lemmy
  • Lemmy Link - Lets you open up other instances in your own instance easier
  • Lemmy Go - Adds a new search keyword (lg) for more easily navigating to Lemmy communities.
  • Instance Assistant - Simplify your Lemmy & Kbin experience with tools for your instance and communities
  • Kbin Link - Find it annoying to copy paste instance links to look at a Lemmy community? This extension is for you.
  • Lemmy Home Instance Helper - Adds a 'Search' link to Lemmy communities on servers where you are not logged in.

If you know of any more, please comment. :)

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Another good tip for folks:

  • Set your Settings -> Sort Type to top 6 hours:

This is what works best to get updated content.

Lemmy Mobile Clients (self.lemmyguides)
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There are a lot of mobile clients for Lemmy. The web interface is not that great in my opinion, so a mobile app is kind of needed. Some of the more popular ones:

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If you are a new user to Lemmy, the most important thing is to subscribe to lots of communities so you get a nice feed of new posts and comments.

Click on Communities link at the top and select All. A long list of communities will appear. Subscribe to many of them. You can always unsubscribe if they are annoying you later.

This list of communities are only the ones that someone has subscribed to on this instance already. But there is something like 20.000+ communities in the entire lemmy network.

Go to https://lemmyverse.net/communities in a new tab. If you want to subscribe to something here, copy the link (ex: !humor@beehaw.org).

Paste that link into the search box here at lemmy.today. Make sure Communities is selected in the list box to filter out comments etc.

It should look like this:

Clicking on the green link will take you to the community and you can click Subscribe on the upper right:

And thats about it. If you have any questions, just ask. :)

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