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Push up, pull up, leg raise , and squat progressions daily at about 40% effort. Two hours between each set as per grease the groove. Ideal because I can run the routine in between breaks at work. Did the math on the reps and they equated to what I would be doing if I was on a 3 day split.

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I like the idea of body weight routines, but when I've tried them in the past it's usually meant that I tried to convert my apartment into a gym. I try to turn a corner, the sink lip, the floor, the walls and more recently a pull up bar into a sort of "gym" and it's never worked out for me.

I started paying for a gym a while back and have been going almost every day that I can and I've found it a lot easier to help me get into routine to the point that I think trying to start out with bodyweight was a mistake.

As a (perpetual) beginner I've always struggled finding the right intensity and variation of workout. I find the gym equipment lowers that difficulty. I can spend 20 minutes on a bike (no hills, no traffic, no stop signs, no people, no weather) and then stretch using a roller and a pad, then hop onto a machine having never used it before, glance at the instructions, pick a weight and go.

I've just noticed this over the last few weeks and I guess what I'm wondering is if you think calisthenics is appropriate for beginners or is something more suited to people who have 'graduated' from the gym.

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What is a good way to ensure joints' flexibility and health in calisthenics?

I had came across a blog dedicated to the stretching, flexibility and joint health a few years ago. But it got lost. Now i really wanna accumulate that knowledge and till then atleast use some other methods u guys may suggest?

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what is the limit of equipments that can be used in calisthenics and which single equipment will be most useful?

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I used to do a mix of ordinary pushups and calisthenics, and the hardest parts were to do really slow pushups. Now ive been getting a bit lazy again and not working out as i should.

Whats a good starting program to get strong again?


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