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founded 1 year ago

Chapter 19 of the Heritage Foundation's Project 2025 edition of Mandate for Leadership (Direct PDF link) is full of policies that would be terrible for the US.


  • Replace national transportation infrastructure projects with a flat transportation subsidy formula to each state (most of whose DoTs don't know how to do anything with money other than build highways)
  • Stop funding mass transit, give public funds to Rideshare companies like Uber/lyft instead.
  • Preserve single family home zoning at all costs. Each state and city knows what is best for their people, better than the federal government, except when states and cities do something that conservatives don't like.
  • Screw California in particular.
  • Trying to reduce the number of traffic fatalities is bad if anyone dare suggests that we have to drive a little bit slower.

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Those who incite to genocide typically attempt to dehumanize their victims, but it is disturbing that Andrei Perla’s ‘justification’ for Russia’s killing and maiming of sick children has elicited so little reaction.

Russia’s missile attack on Okhmatdyr, Ukraine’s main children’s hospital, aroused enough international outrage for Moscow to go into denial mode. Not so, however, Russian propagandists, one of whom positively told Russians to quit making excuses. The strike was no accident, according to Andrei Perla, a columnist for Tsargrad, and can be repeated as Ukrainian children, any Ukrainians “cannot be considered people”.[...]

In the propagandist's own words:

“The pitiless law of war is very simple – such enemies cannot be considered people. We must acknowledge the simple and terrible [truth] that there are no people on the other side. Not one person. Our missiles do not kill people, not one person. There are no people there.”

“Simple and terrible, but we shouldn’t try to justify ourselves for hitting a children’s hospital. We need to say: do you want it to stop? Then surrender. Capitulate. And then, perhaps, we will spare you.

“If we don’t forbid ourselves from viewing them as people, from pitying them, protecting them – we will weaken ourselves. We will restrict our ability to save our own children. We will obstruct the path to Victory.”

“If the aim of the SMO* is to ensure Russia’s security, denazify and demilitarize Ukraine, then the path to this aim is for surviving Nazis [sic] and all their families to have to flee in panic to the West. Before the Polish border. From shelling. From the ruins of their cities and homes, losing on the way their blue and yellow flags and slippers.”


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Artist: Ya Yan | pixiv | artstation | danbooru


Die Europäische Union hat Sanktionen gegen fünf Personen und drei Organisationen aus Israel verhängt. Sie seien verantwortlich für „ernsthafte und systematische Menschenrechtsverstöße gegen Palästinenser im Westjordanland“, heißt es in einer Mitteilung des EU-Rates. Hintergrund ist die Globale Sanktionsregelung der EU im Bereich der Menschenrechte (EUGHRSR).

Die Sanktionen richten sich unter anderen gegen den Siedler Mosche Scharvit und dessen Außenposten Chavat Mosche (Mosches Farm) im Jordantal. Von dort aus hat er sich laut EU an Siedlergewalt beteiligt und palästinensische Bewohner in umliegenden Hirtendörfern bedroht. Die physische und verbale Belästigung sei seit Oktober 2023 eskaliert.

Auch Zvi Bar Josef mit seinem Außenposten Chavat Zvi (Zvis Farm) im Westjordanland ist von der Maßnahme betroffen. Er habe mehrfach Palästinenser angegriffen und schwer verletzt, hieß es. Ähnliche Vorwürfe gibt es gegen Issachar Manne, den Gründer der Chavat Manne (Manne-Farm) in den Hügeln südlich von Hebron.

Zwei weitere sanktionierte Israelis sind die rechtsextremen Politiker Baruch Marsel und Ben-Zion „Benzi“ Gopstein. Marsel ruft nach Angaben der EU offen zu einer ethnischen Säuberung von Palästinensern auf. Gopstein ist Gründer und Vorsitzender der extremistischen Organisation „Lehava“. 2019 verfügte das Oberste Gericht, dass die beiden Politiker nicht bei den Knessetwahlen kandidieren durften.

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Clear the battlefield and let me see
All the profit from our victory
You talk of freedom, starving children fall
Are you deaf when you hear the season's call?


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A BBC report published on Tuesday on the killing of a disabled Palestinian man by Israel has drawn intense backlash, following what activists described as a "misleading headline" and "dehumanisation of Palestinians" amid the war in Gaza.

The British public broadcaster's news website initially ran the story with the headline "The lonely death of Gaza man with Down’s syndrome" — omitting mention of the fact that 24-year-old Muhammad Bhar was left to die by the Israeli army after a combat dog was violently set on him.

In the report, written by veteran Irish journalist Fergal Keane, the attack was not mentioned until the 16th paragraph — almost halfway through the piece.


The newly-signed Reciprocal Access Agreement (RAA) is a de facto visiting forces deal, since it establishes procedures for the cooperative activities, while the force of one country is visiting the other country and defines a legal status of the visiting force. Accordingly, it allows the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) and the Japanese Self Defence Forces (JSDF) to dramatically expand joint military activities, including large-scale drills focused on enhancing interoperability and joint response to various contingencies, including disasters as well as armed conflicts.

Both nations also have a direct interest in preparing for contingencies in neighbouring Taiwan, which is almost equidistantly positioned between important military facilities in northern Philippines and southern Japan. Thus, geography alone makes a more robust Philippine-Japan security cooperation pivotal to their American ally’s “integrated deterrence” strategy against a resurgent China, which has repeatedly warned of potential invasion of the self-ruling island nation.

The move comes also as there are growing worries over a more transactional and unilateralist American foreign policy under a second Trump administration. By all indications, the United States will remain as the “hub” of a network of partnerships in the Indo-Pacific, but allies are stepping up their own defence spending as well as deepening “spoke-to-spoke” cooperation among themselves.


Ich starte mal mit einem Klassiker :)


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Following Russia's invasion of Ukraine in 2022, international sanctions have made trading Russian crude and oil products difficult, prompting traders to seek loopholes to export them, including offshore ship-to-ship transfers.

Waters around Greece’s southern coast and the Laconian Gulf have recently been meeting points for transfers from tankers carrying Russian oil onto other vessels.

Greek officials have in the past said Greek authorities cannot inspect vessels that carry a foreign flag in international waters and such naval advisories help rein in offshore ship-to-ship transfers.

Greece, over the past months, has been issuing and extending such advisories for military exercises off the Laconian Gulf and even further, off the island of Kithira, urging merchant and other vessels to avoid the area.

The latest advisory was extended until Sept. 15, 2024.


Background on the disaster.


The black enlisted workers were specifically selected to be the dumbest and least competent:

None of the new recruits had been instructed in ammunition loading.

At NSGL, the enlisted African Americans who tested in the top 30% to 40% were selected for non-labor assignments. Port Chicago was manned by workers drawn from those remaining. The Navy determined that the quality of African American petty officers at Port Chicago suffered because of the absence of high-scoring black men

The Navy's General Classification Test (GCT) results for the enlisted men at Port Chicago averaged 31, putting them in the lowest twelfth of the Navy.

The white officers in charge had no training with munitions, and refused to train the men:

Prior to his being sent to command Port Chicago, Kinne had no training in the loading of munitions and little experience in handling them.[12] Loading officers serving underneath Kinne had not been trained in handling munitions until they had been posted to Mare Island Navy Yard, after which they were considered adequate to the task by the Navy.

Later the International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU) responded to word of unsafe practices by offering to bring in experienced men to train the battalion; the Navy leadership declined the offer,[16] fearing higher costs, slower pace, and possible sabotage from civilian longshoremen.[17] No enlisted man stationed at Port Chicago had received formal training in the handling and loading of explosives into ships.

Finally, a civilian plumber working right before the explosion described the poor conditions:

While at work he witnessed a man accidentally drop a naval artillery shell two feet onto the wooden pier, but there was no detonation. Carr waited until the African-American winch operator tested the repaired winch and then left the pier, thinking that the operation appeared unsafe.

The explosion:

At 10:18 p.m., witnesses reported hearing a noise described as "a metallic sound and rending timbers, such as made by a falling boom."[26] Immediately afterward, an explosion occurred on the pier and a fire started. Five to seven seconds later[16][30][31] a more powerful explosion took place as the majority of the ordnance within and near the SS E. A. Bryan detonated in a fireball seen for miles. An Army Air Forces pilot flying in the area reported that the fireball was 3 mi (4.8 km) in diameter.

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On the night of July 18, 2024, the enemy struck with 16 "Shahed" strike UAVs from the Kursk region (Russian Federation) and three guided air missiles from the south: two Kh-59/Kh-69 and one Kh-35.

In total, 19 air targets were detected and escorted by the radio engineering troops, mobile fire groups of the Defense Forces of Ukraine, anti-aircraft missile units of the Air Force, and electronic warfare units were involved in repelling the air attack.

As a result, the defenders of the sky managed to hit all 16 "shaheeds" and two Kh-59 guided air missiles in the Dnipropetrovsk, Poltava, Zaporizhzhya, Kyiv and Kharkiv regions.

Most of the targets were destroyed in the eastern direction - in the area of responsibility of the air command "East".

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