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American butter is shit tbf


Kevin Bankston, a Senior Advisor on AI Governance, discusses this concerning Google Gemini behavior.


Some time ago, I noticed that youtube comments are copied without emojis, thought nothing of that - bugs happen - but today I finally decided to find out why and what the hell is even this.


Red Bull has reportedly filed a complaint with the FIA over the legality of the brake ducts on McLaren’s 2024 Formula 1 car, according to Auto Motor und Sport



I would for vote Kamala. I would vote for a cactus with sunglasses if it had the Democratic nomination. You would do yourself well to consider anything that is weaking the resolve of the anti-trump sentiment straight poison to your brain. We have only one job this novemeber and that is to stop trump. The Supreme Court has given him the status of king. Quit acting like your vote is sacred and start realizing your vote is your final cry before your rights are forfeited.


With this post I've taken a bit more of a practical turn compared to previous Post-Architecture posts: It's more aimed at providing guidance to keep (early) architecture as simple as possible. Let me know what you think!


I'm thinking about buying a new GPU. I'm looking at the 7700 xt as it's about £355 and I want Linux support and I like newer features. Before I pull the trigger can anyone tell me why I'm making a huge mistake?


Full Timelapse: PeerTube, YouTube, Raw File

Full Image: https://cdn.sc07.company/canvas/2024/finished.png

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🚨🚨🚨 You can now pre-order the posters!!


These are pre-orders, the first orders will be shipped out August 1st following the shipping information listed on the site

Most countries are supported if yours is not listed, send me an email hello@sc07.company or comment below 💜

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Proceeds from instance stickers go to their respective instances 💞

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If you would like to directly donate to Canvas w/o making any purchases, I accept donations via Stripe 💜

(i wasn't clear on the stripe page that the fediverse handles would be public, so this is a placeholder until i get confirmation they all want it public or not)


If you are having issues with the website, send an email to hello@sc07.company

Database Dump

the old system for pixel placement logs was flawed, and someone suggested the brilliant idea of just publishing the database dump, it already has all the information anyway

no ip addresses, ban logs, instance data, user data only pixel placements, pixel moderation logs and palette settings





Kinderpornografische Inhalte im Internet werden einem Regierungsbericht zufolge in der Regel binnen weniger Tage von den Providern gelöscht. Das geht aus einer Bilanz für das vergangene Jahr hervor, die Innen- und Justizministerium dem Bundeskabinett vorgelegt haben. Demnach waren bei inländischen Servern bereits zwei Tage nach einem Hinweis des Bundeskriminalamts (BKA) 85,4 Prozent der beanstandeten Seiten gelöscht. Nach einer Woche waren es sogar 99 Prozent.

Bei Webseiten, die aus dem Ausland kommen, sei wegen der komplizierteren Abläufe mehr Zeit erforderlich. "Die Zahl der weitergeleiteten Hinweise auf die im Ausland gehosteten kinderpornografischen URLs ist im Jahr 2023 (11.080 URLs) im Vergleich zum Vorjahr (7441 URLs) um 48,9 Prozent gestiegen", heißt es zudem im "Löschbericht".

Hier waren deshalb nach einer Woche erst 57,6 Prozent der Inhalt verschwunden. Nach vier Wochen betrug die Löschquote 88,2 Prozent. Von den im Jahr 2023 beim BKA eingegangenen Hinweisen bezog sich allerdings nur gut ein Fünftel auf ausländische Serverstandorte.


I switched over since I heard it was more privacy friendly than YouTube and have been using the platform for a while without issues, but this cookie banner just popped up. You can opt-out of things like "Access precise geolocation data" but a lot of other information is still shared by third parties and not opt-outable.

It seems "Reject All" is the correct choice here, but I'm not sure if it is the best choice for browser users who have to constantly log back into their accounts.

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