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founded 1 year ago

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We recently crossed the first anniversary for many of us on Lemmy and the Fediverse, and we are thrilled to announce an important milestone: we have started a new registered not-for-profit organization! The organization is registered as ‘Federated Open Communications Canada’, and we will go by 'Fedecan' in our day-to-day operations.

Over the past few months, we have been working behind the scenes on the necessary paperwork, bylaws, and other administrative tasks to get the organization rolling. Thanks to the invaluable feedback from our previous check-in, we decided to take the leap and register federally, which will allow us to operate across Canada more easily. For more details, you can check out the FAQs on our new website.

Resuming Donations

With this important step completed, we are now ready to resume accepting donations. We have set up several donation options to accommodate different preferences on convenience and fees. Our first priority is to reimburse those who have been covering server and other costs, and to set up regular financial updates. We are open to adding more donation options, so please let us know if there is an option you prefer.

Our current costs

  • Server hosting - $150/month
  • Domains registrations - $50/year
  • Non profit requirements - $500 one time

Our Next Steps:

  • Reimburse individuals who have covered server and operational costs and to set up more regular financial updates
  • Collaboratively creating guides and learning resources about Lemmy and the Fediverse (ex. how things work, data/privacy details, and best practices for moderating or running instances, etc.) + translations
  • Exploring other platforms to run. Some that are on our radar include Sublinks, Pixelfed, and Matrix
  • Developing logos, colours, and other branding details based on ideas from the community

What we want to know:

  • Do you have any questions, comments, or concerns? This will also help us expand our FAQs
  • Which other platforms would you like us to explore?
  • Do you prefer any other donation method?

We want to help build a better online experience for everyone, and that requires an organization with a strong foundation. This should be the first step in that process.

Thank you for everything so far, and we look forward to seeing you around! 🥳

The Fedecan Team

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lathe-of-heaven lathe-of-heaven lathe-of-heaven lathe-of-heaven lathe-of-heaven


Some time ago, I noticed that youtube comments are copied without emojis, thought nothing of that - bugs happen - but today I finally decided to find out why and what the hell is even this.


The team behind the SuperSega FPGA console has recently demonstrated its innovative work, showcasing the Dreamcast core. In a captivating video available at this link, they've featured games such as Crazy Taxi, Gunbird 2 and Super Street Fighter II running well.

Developed using the Virtex Ultrascale+ FPGA chip, this core boasts an impressive capability of having "100K-200K logic cells" to emulate Dreamcast behavior. The console can also play Master System, Mega Drive/Genesis, Saturn, and Sega CD games. It's expected to be completed later this year, promising to offer a one-stop solution for gamers looking to experience classic Sega titles.

What are your thoughts on the development and potential impact of using FPGA in gaming consoles like SuperSega?


A modder has developed a screen kit for the Nintendo Switch Lite to enhance its portable gameplay experience with OLED technology. $50 maximum is the target price, making vivid visuals accessible without having to own both an OLED dockable console and the Lite.

Taki Udon, known for their innovative creations in the modding community, aims to fill this gap left by Nintendo’s lack of a Switch Lite with an OLED screen option. This initiative could revitalize the Nintendo portable gaming experiences, offering a more detailed and vivid visual experience directly on your Switch Lite.

Question: Do you think third-party modifications like Taki Udon's kit will influence Nintendo's future decision-making when it comes to the screens they use in their devices?


I'd like to use my smartphone WiFi SSID to determine if I'm home or not. When I'm home the alarm (kinda, just notifications from some sensors) needs to be shut off and a light needs to be turned on. Since the sensors update can be forced at maximum 1 minute (but I'd prefer to leave it at 15 minutes to preserve battery) and since 1 minute is too much, is there a way to send an intent to HA companion app to send a sensors update? I would use Tasker to send the intent.


Full Timelapse: PeerTube, YouTube, Raw File

Full Image: https://cdn.sc07.company/canvas/2024/finished.png

Canvas poster

🚨🚨🚨 You can now pre-order the posters!!


These are pre-orders, the first orders will be shipped out August 1st following the shipping information listed on the site

Most countries are supported if yours is not listed, send me an email hello@sc07.company or comment below 💜

Instance Stickers

Proceeds from instance stickers go to their respective instances 💞

Direct Donations

If you would like to directly donate to Canvas w/o making any purchases, I accept donations via Stripe 💜

(i wasn't clear on the stripe page that the fediverse handles would be public, so this is a placeholder until i get confirmation they all want it public or not)


If you are having issues with the website, send an email to hello@sc07.company

Database Dump

the old system for pixel placement logs was flawed, and someone suggested the brilliant idea of just publishing the database dump, it already has all the information anyway

no ip addresses, or ban logs only pixel placements (with username), pixel moderation logs and palette settings


Canvas Repo - Canvas Timelapse Repo


Some amazing shots in here, and inspiration for shooters I'm sure


American butter is shit tbf


Tbh I do not know how many lie on the between, it rather depicts me in undergrad.

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Das Vogelgrippevirus H5N1 kursiert aktuell unter Nutz- und Wildtieren weltweit. Nach neuen Ausbrüchen auf Rinderfarmen gibt es nun weitere Fälle bei Menschen in den USA. Das ruft Verschwörungsideologen auf den Plan, die wissen wollen, dass das Ganze geplant gewesen sei. "Erst manipuliert man Viren im Labor und jetzt holt man sie nach und nach raus, um Pandemien bei Menschen auszulösen. (…) verdammtes Dreckspack!", unterstellt ein User auf der Plattform X.
Forscher hätten angeblich Rinder mit dem Vogelgrippevirus infiziert, ist ein weiterer Vorwurf. Microsoft-Mitbegründer Bill Gates soll auch dahinterstecken. Er "investierte Millionen von Dollar in Biowaffenexperimente". Das angebliche Ziel: Die Entwicklung eines Impfstoffs, um Geld zu verdienen. An diesen Verschwörungserzählungen ist jedoch nichts dran.


Speedrunners Unleash an Unheard-Of Trick in Castlevania Harmony of Dissonance

In a display of skill, speedrunners have uncovered a new glitch route for the classic Game Boy Advance game Castlevania: Harmony Of Dissonance. This method has led to a world record being broken and showcases the endless creativity within the speedrunning community.

The New Glitch Route:

  • The discovery was first announced by Jupiterclimb on Twitter, following its revelation this month by a speedrunner known as Halgorithm. It's described as using advanced techniques such as subpixel manipulation, floor clipping, out-of-bounds zips, and exploiting 0HP scenarios to completely bypass the Skull Knight boss, significantly reducing completion times.

World Record Shatterer:

  • Speedrunner LuichoX streamed their learning and execution process in attempts to master this new route with Halgorithm's help. This broke the previous world record by 17 seconds.

How do you view the role of glitches and exploits in speedrunning? Do they enhance or detract from the experience of playing a game?

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